Why you should add ‘blogger’ to your cv

If you’re a blogger you’ll no doubt have learnt a lot of new skills since you started your blogging journey. You may not even realise some of the amazing blogging skills and tricks you’ve learnt along the way.

Many employers won’t have a clue what blogging entails on a day to day basis, so if you’re going to add “blogger” to your CV (and you definitely should!) then you need to spell it out to them what it involves and why they should be impressed.

Listing your blog on your resume could even help you to get your next job!

Blogging is obviously most relevant if you’re looking for a career within the marketing and social media fields, but make sure you add “blogger” to any CV you put together as many of the skills will be applicable.

We’ve listed some skills and traits you should list to your CV if you’re a blogger to help you bag that new job and further your career…


Good organisation skills

If you’re a blogger then you have to be organised. You need to think ahead to your next few posts, plan time to promote them and take any photos in advance.

Organisation skills and good time management are something that all employers will be pleased to see on a CV. Make sure you list the ways that you stay organised to keep on top of your blogging work.


Research skills

When writing blogs you always need to do some research – even if you know your subject inside out it’s a good idea to research the topic online.

For many job roles, you will need to be about to find out more about a subject, piece of software or maybe even a competitor. Showing that you’re already used to undergoing online research will impress a would-be employer.

Include links to some of the blog posts you’ve written where you have had to do your own research.


Up to date with technology

As a blogger, you always need to make sure you’re up to date with the latest technology, whether that’s Google’s most recent algorithm, a Facebook or Instagram update, or SEO changes.

An employer will like a candidate who stays up to date with the latest trends off their own back. Include a list of any relevant blogs, newsletters and websites you use to keep up to date.


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Exemplary writing skills

Well written emails, reports, blogs or presentations are vital in many jobs. You can prove that your spelling and grammar is up to scratch by pointing potential employers in the direction of your best blog posts.

Don’t forget to triple check your CV for spelling and grammar mistakes before you submit it though!


IT literate

Any office jobs will require a good level of IT literacy – if you spend most of your spare time blogging then you can definitely show that you know your way around a computer and the internet.

If you’ve taken any courses as part of your blogging journey don’t forget to list those to backup your IT skills.


For suggestions of some valuable courses to take if you want some extra skills to list on your resume check out our blog post 5 great online courses for bloggers.


Social media manager

If you are applying for any kind of marketing role, then social media is a skill you’ll definitely need.

As a blogger, you’re already acting as a social media manager by promoting your blog posts, knowing how to use the various social media networks, and knowing all the different algorithms inside out.

Make sure you list all of the main tasks you undertake on social media when you promote your blog posts.



We all end up reading our own blogs posts multiple times before publishing before we’re confident that they’re ready for the world to see. This is a great skill to show off on your CV as your future employer can be confident that they’ll get attention to detail from you.

Just make sure that you proofread your CV so you don’t undermine your skills by having a mistake on your CV!


Don’t forget…

  • If you’re telling an employer about your blog, don’t forget to include a link to your blog on your resume.
  • Under your skills section list any software that you use for your blog including WordPress, Hootsuite and Tailwind.
  • Only add links to your blog and social media profiles if you’re confident that there’s no content a potential employer wouldn’t approve of.
  • Don’t add your blog or social media profile links if you haven’t updated them in a while – or make sure you update them before sending off your CV.
  • Only include things that are relevant to the job you’re applying for – there’s probably not a lot of point telling your future employer about your foodie Instagram account if you are applying for a job in fashion for example.
  • Also add any relevant information, skills and links to your LinkedIn profile. If the new company does a bit of online stalking it will back up what you’ve put on your CV.


If you blog and are currently applying for new jobs, we hope that these tips will help you to add a lot of great information to your CV.

Good luck with your job hunt!


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If you're putting together your resume, don't forget to add details of your blog to help you to land that dream job! | Land your dream job by adding your blogging skills to your CV | Why you should always add 'blogger' to your CV | Blogger | Blogging tips |
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  • I’ve never honestly considered adding blogging to my resume but I’m so glad you gave me the idea! Hopefully as someone applying for freelancing positions this may prove my credibility and count as experience for any companies interested in me. Great read, thank you!

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