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What do brands look for when working with bloggers?

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Many bloggers start their blog simply as a hobby, or because they want to share their knowledge or passions with the world.

Whatever your reason for starting your blog, it’s likely that after a little while you will learn that money can be made from writing about what you love. Monetising your blog can be done in lots of different ways, depending on your niche. One great way to earn money from your blog is to work with brands on sponsored content and reviews,

But how do bloggers collaborate with brands?

Once your blog is established you will probably be lucky enough to have brands approach you about collaborations. If not, or if you just spot a brand who you think would be a good fit for your blog, you can approach them and pitch your idea for working together.

Whether you’re approaching a brand, or they’re contacting you directly, there will be certain things they’re looking for in a blogging partner. We’ve put together a list of 6 things brands look for when working with bloggers…


Domain Authority

When brands are looking for potential bloggers to work with, they will most likely look at Domain and Page Authority first – these are the ‘scores’ that show a website’s authority in terms of Google search engine results.

Domain Authority (DA) is a score out of 100 and the higher the score the more likely the website will appear within the first pages of search engine results.

Page Authority (PA) is also out of 100 and shows how well a particular page on the website will rank within search engine results.

If your blog has a high DA, brands will want to work with you as this will benefit their website or their clients’ websites. Links from high DA sites can also help to boost the DA of the websites it links to within its content.

Links from sites with a low DA can damage the websites it links to, so brands are unlikely to want to work with blogs with a low DA.


Regular content

Brands will want to see that you are publishing consistent content that drives regular traffic to your blog. If a brand visits your blog and you haven’t posted for months, they probably won’t waste their time contacting you as may assume you’re not actively blogging any longer.

Before you contact companies you’d like to work with, make sure you have some recently published posts on your blog.


Good post engagement

Companies will want to know that people are reading your content, and what better way to see that than by seeing lots of comments on each post. There are ways to actively encourage your readers to leave comments on your blog posts, and this will improve your chances of being approached by brands.

Adding a social sharing bar can also help as this shows how many people have shared a blog post on social media.


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Social Media followers and engagement

A large social media following isn’t essential to work with brands, though you will need to have some social media followers! It’s much more important that the followers you do have engage with your content. This way brands can see that people are reading your posts and interacting with them.

Make sure you post regularly to your social media accounts and encourage your followers and blog readers to share your content and engage with you.


A professional looking blog

If your blog is well designed and looks professional, you’re more likely to have brands getting in touch with you about collaborating.

Having your own domain name is important – not only does it look more professional but it will also allow you to have your own DA and PA. Read this post about self-hosting if your blog doesn’t currently have its own domain name.

Make sure your blog design is easy to read, using a clear and stylish theme that also works well on mobile, and that your posts are free from spelling mistakes.


Your own media kit

A media kit is a great way to show off your blog’s stats and show brands why they should work with you.

Include anything that you think people should know about your blog – your page views, social media following, DA.

You can design your own media kit in an app like Canva or buy a template from somewhere like Etsy or a fellow blogger.


We hope these 6 tips will help you to get your first brand collaborations. Once you have made some of the changes suggested here, you might just see those emails rolling in.

Let us know if these tips work!


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