8 ways to reach your audience during Covid-19

ways to reach audience covid-19

For some bloggers the current Covid-19 situation has caused a huge slump in blog traffic. It’s understandable with people not being able to travel, staying at home, and in some cases not having much money to spend.

However, coronavirus doesn’t have to be the end of the your blog. There are still lots of ways to reach your audience during Covid-19 and generate traffic to your blog.

Take a look at some of the suggestions below, there may be some you haven’t thought of yet…


ways to reach your audience

#1 Write relevant content

Depending on your niche, you may have decided to stop writing blog posts at the moment as people aren’t searching for the topics you usually write about, However, whatever your niche there will be ways to write blog posts that are still relevant, even if they are a bit different to your usual content.

For example, if you are a travel blogger you could write about virtual travel resources or maybe even days out closer to home rather than writing exotic destination reviews or hotel recommendations.

Anything useful, uplifting, and containing the words ‘from home’ should do well at the moment,

Use a keyword planning tool to find long tail keywords that are relevant to your niche. Answer the public is a handy tool to see what questions people are currently asking within your chosen niche or subject.

You can also use Pinterest to see what topics people are currently searching for, this may give you some inspiration for new blog posts.

Pinterest search


#2 Provide useful resources

On of the top ways to reach your audience during Covid-19 is to provide useful resources. With everyone struggling with this ‘new normal’ more and more people are searching online for resources to help them get through day to day life. Are there some resources you could create to make the lives of your followers easier?

Have a think about checklists, schedules, routines, plans, videos, and tutorials. We recently created some free blogging checklists which have helped to drive some extra traffic to the blog.


#3 Do a Facebook live

Facebook has revealed that the number of people watching Facebook Live videos in recent weeks has gone up by 50% which makes sense with more people sat at home looking at social media at the moment. So if you haven’t taken advantage of this marketing tool before, now is a great time to get started.

You could do a Live to update your followers, answer any of their questions, or to give a demonstration or tutorial in something relevant to your blogging niche.


#4 Keep posting on social media

You don’t have to stop posting on social media completely, just be mindful of what you post about. Some subjects won’t be relevant at the moment with people not being able to go out, and some topics might be a bit controversial. Remember that people are more sensitive at the moment than usual.

Don’t be afraid to post updates on social media telling your followers what you are up to. Include photos, ask questions and encourage people to share their thoughts as well.


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#5 Run a competition

Competitions are always a great way to boost engagement on social media and drive more traffic to your blog. Maybe you have been offered a product by a company that you can give away as a prize, or you could offer your services to one lucky winner. The prize depends on what you blog about, but all audiences love a freebie so this is a great way to engage with your followers and also gain some new followers in the process.


#6 Stay positive

At the moment everyone needs a bit of positivity in their lives. Try to keep all content positive, happy, and lighthearted.

Use inspirational quotes, funny memes, and helpful tips and resources to put a smile on your followers’ faces.


#7 Use the right hashtags

If you’re posting on Instagram it’s a good idea to change your hashtags regularly anyway. Covid-19 has seen plenty of new hashtags being created and it’s wise to use these in your posts where relevant.

Some suggestions are: #stayathome #covidcooking #quarantineparenting #covidworkout #athomefitness #quarantinelife

If you use Tailwind for Instagram it will be easy to find new hashtags for your posts.

If not, on Instagram go to Search > Tags and type in things like ‘covid’, ‘quarantine’ and ‘athome’ to find out which hashtags are popular at the moment.


#8 Support your fellow bloggers

Do you have a blogging tribe? A great way to reach new audiences is for other people to share your content. Make friends with other bloggers and arrange to share each other’s content with your respective followers. You will ideally need to pick someone in a different niche so you’re not competing with other on the same topics, but try to pick a niche that is relevant. For example, if you are a parent you could team up with a food blogger who produces recipes your followers with families may enjoy.

If you don’t have any blogging friends to team up with, why not come and join our Facebook group for bloggers where we encourage members to share each other’s posts.


Hopefully these ways to reach your audience during Covid-19 have given you some ideas of what to post and how to engage with your followers.

Happy blogging!


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  • Such a great post. I read from the beginning to the end!
    Arfa, you hit me when you say that most people don’t promote their blog posts. All they do is write and publish blog posts, but they don’t really promote their content.
    And looking at myself, you’re right. I only share my blog posts on social media, and that’s all.
    I need to come up with new strategies. I need to promote and repurpose my content and promote them. Cheers

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