7 ways to make your blog posts stand out

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How many other blogs do you read every day? How about every week? If you’re like most people, you will land on many blog posts during the course of a week as you read about travel destinations, beauty hacks, parenting tips and more.

Competition in the blogging universe is fierce, so how can you make sure your blog posts stand out amongst all of the other blogs out there?

Here are 7 ways you can help to make your blog posts stand out…



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#1 Write about topics your audience is interested in

If you want people to return to your blog you need to make sure that your content is interesting and covers topics they want to know more about.

Don’t worry about trying to cover the same subjects as other bloggers, if you already have an audience think about what they want to read about.

Take a look at Google Analytics and find out which of your posts get the most traffic. Once you know what blog posts have been the most popular you can write more of the same. Google Analytics can also tell you the age, sex and location of your readers which may give you an idea about what kind of things they might be interested in.

You can also research the latest trends to find out what people are currently searching for.


#2 Find your writing style

The way you write your content is important – this is your style and shows your personality to your readers.

Keeping your writing style consistent means that your bloggers know what to expect from your blog posts. A unique style will help to attract and build an audience.


#3 Make your posts look good

Well written content is just one part of a good blog post, the page needs to entice visitors to stay and read more. Break up long passages of text with headings, lists and images to make content easier to read.

Shorter blocks of text with headings allow your readers to skim content and find the information they are after – lots of text can scare people from reading a long article.

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#4 Write consistently

Being consistent with your blog posts is important – your loyal readers want to know how often they can expect new blog posts from you.

Be realistic with your blog schedule, if it’s unlikely that you’ll find the time to write a new post every day then stick to 1 or 2 new posts a week.

Try to publish new posts on the same day and time each week so your readers know when to expect new content from you.

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#5 Do your research

It always pays to research a topic and it definitely shows when a blogger doesn’t really know what they’re talking about. Read other articles on the subject, find stats to back up your arguments/opinions, and learn everything you can about a subject before offering advice on it to your readers.


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#6 Quality over quantity

When it comes to the optimum length of a blog post there are many different opinions out there. To provide enough information on a subject to answer your reader’s questions you really need to produce posts of more than 500 words. However, SEO experts state that posts of 1,000-2,000 words are better for SEO.

Whatever length posts you decide to write make sure that what you write is of good quality. There’s no point writing over 1,000 words if most of it is waffling to pad out the word count. If you can provide your readers with all the necessary information in 600 words then leave it at that.


#7 Proofread your posts

You don’t want to stand out as someone whose blog posts are full of spelling and grammar mistakes so make sure you spend plenty of time proofreading.

After you’ve written a new blog post save it as a draft and step away from the screen for a bit. Return later and have another read through the post – you’ll probably spot some mistakes you didn’t see the first time around.

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#8 Write great blog titles

Whatever you’re writing about, the chances are there are dozens of other blog posts out there on the same subject. The posts that get the most clicks from both search engines and on social media will be the ones that grab people’s attention first before they even get as far as landing on your site.

A good blog post title should address a problem and offer a solution at the same time. Make it catchy but short enough to display on search engines without getting cut off.


How to make your blog posts stand out: Conclusion

To help your blog posts to stand out and receive more traffic:

  • Write about topics your audience is interested in
  • Find your writing style
  • Make your posts look good
  • Write consistently
  • Do your research
  • Quality over quantity
  • Proofread your posts
  • Write great blog titles

If you follow the tips above you will hopefully find that your blog posts stand out better against the competition and you start to receive more traffic to your blog.

Happy blogging!


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