5 types of posts you should have on your blog

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To run a successful blog that people want to read you need to provide lots of great content. But what kind of posts do well? What types of posts you should have on your blog?

With keyword research, and keeping your eyes peeled for trending topics, you can write about popular subjects that people are interested in.

What kind of posts you write depends on your niche but there are certain types of blog posts that work in all blogging niches.

Below we have listed 5 types of blog post that every blogger should have covered…


1. The list post

Everyone loves a good list, and that goes for blog posts too. List posts give you the chance to provide lots of useful in-depth information in an easy to read and educational format.

If you have a lot of information that you want to put into a blog post try writing it as a list. A numbered list makes content easier to digest and scan through, which also results in people staying on your blog for longer. List posts are great to share on social media and do very well on Pinterest in particular.

Add a number to the start of your post’s title, for example “10 tips to…” or “101 ideas for…”

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2. How to posts

How-to posts are the most popular blog posts you can write. Why? Because they answer a question that someone is looking for on search engines.

When clicking on a how-to headline you’ve been promised that you will learn something new. That you will find a solution to a burning problem you have.

A blog post promising to teach someone how to avoid doing something negative is very valuable.

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3. Tools posts

As well as being useful for your readers, a blog post full of tools and resources allows you as a blogger to provide a list of your affiliate links in one place.

It also lets you share your experience with your audience by making recommendations for your favourite tools, resources, and plugins.

Think of a theme and pull together a list of your favourite tools and resources around that subject.

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4. Blogging series

When you have a large topic in mind, a blog series is the perfect way to break the content down into smaller posts. If a post is too long you risk putting people off from reading the whole thing – too much content can be daunting. By turning your content into several smaller posts you make it more manageable for the reader, as well as giving yourself the chance of multiple posts.

A blogging series also encourages your readers to come back to find out what is next. Just make sure it is obvious that an individual post is part of a bigger series.

All blogging niches can create a series, no matter what topic you write about.

>> We created a Pinterest series which starts with this post Pinterest Guide Part 1: Getting your blog ready for Pinterest


5. Round-up posts

This is a type of post we haven’t done on this blog yet (though we are working on one right now!) but that has been really popular on another of our blogs.

A round-up post is a list of items, products, links, or people that all offer something on a particular subject. To create a successful round-up post ask other bloggers or experts to contribute a tip, idea, or suggestion that you can use in your post with a link back to their blog in return.

This type of post is great for social media shares as the contributors will also help to share the post with their followers. The more items/tips in the round-up post the better.


We hope that this post has given you some ideas for the types of blog posts you should have on your blog. What have been your most popular blog formats?



To run a successful blog you need to provide lots of great content. But what kind of posts do well? What types of posts you should have on your blog? #bloggingtips #blogging #bloggingadvice


Are you getting ready to write your first blog post? If you're not sure where to start, here are 5 types of posts every blog should have...

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