7 tricks to make sure you never run out of blog post ideas

When you blog, you need to have a lot of ideas to keep up a consistent blogging routine. This can be difficult if you’ve been blogging for a while – is there anything left to write about?

If you neglect your blog by not writing for a while because you’re short on ideas, you’ll start to lose both followers and traffic. This can also lead to losing your ‘blogging mojo’ and you may end up struggling to get back into blogging.

If you’re wondering how other bloggers always have ideas for blog posts, there are a few tricks that will help you create great content on a regular basis and get over your case of writer’s block.

Here are 7 tricks to make sure you never run out of blog post ideas…



#1 Make sure you’re passionate about your niche

First up, if you really can’t think of anything to write about is your blog centered around the wrong topic? You should always choose a niche that both excites you and that you know a lot about. When you write about something you love you should be able to come up with a lot of ideas for blog posts.

If you think you’ve picked the wrong niche have a think about what you could blog about instead. There are so many different niches to choose from that you’re sure to find one that interests you.


#2 Keep a list of ideas

We love a good list! One way to ensure you always have ideas for new blog posts is to write down possible titles or topics as soon as you think of them. You could write them in a notepad, on your phone, or use an online to-do list such as Trello. We use the WordPress Editorial Calendar plugin and add our blog title ideas onto the calendar with a few bullet points for the main body so when we sit down in front of the laptop later we always know what we’re going to write about this week.


#3 Find out what posts your readers enjoy

Using Google Analytics you can see which of your existing blog posts have been the most popular. This should give you an idea of what you could write about in future. Maybe you could expand on some of the points in an existing blog post. You might see that certain topics are more popular than others and you might decide to focus more on these going forward.


#4 Use your own questions as a topic

What have you Googled recently? Are any of these questions related to your blogging niche? If you’ve been using search engines to find the answers to questions that are connected to your blog maybe you can turn these into a blog post and offer your own advice, research and experience for others to find. The chances are that if you’ve been looking for answers online, others will be too.


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#5 Read other blogs

The more blogs, articles, magazines and books you read, the more ideas and inspiration you’ll have for your own blog posts. Have you read about a subject that you have a strong opinion on? Blog about it! Have you spotted a trend that you love or hate? Blog about it! Have you read a book that you couldn’t put down and think everyone should read? Blog about it!


#6 Look at what’s trending

Often the most popular posts pick up on a trending subject and get lots of traffic off the back of its popularity. You have to be quick to publish a post before the trend is over but if you manage it you might see a spike in blog traffic or engagement on social media. There are lots of ways to find trending topics to write about, give it a try and see if it inspires new blog topic ideas.


#7 Take lots of photos

Depending on what you blog about, taking lots of photos when you’re out and about can really help when coming to writing blog posts. If you have lots of photos from a day out or holiday why not write about that. If you’ve taken photos of a recipe you’ve followed you could write your own post about it. Maybe you and a friend have had a little photoshoot of your new outfits or make-up and you could turn it into a review or tutorial.


If you’ve been struggling to think of what to blog about do you think these tricks will help you to always have ideas for new content to hand? How do you make sure you never run out of blog post ideas?


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