7 tips for writing interesting content

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There’s lots of advice on how to drive more traffic to your blog, but you also need to make sure that you’re writing great content that people actually want to read so that all this new traffic stays to read your posts.

If your blog has a high bounce rate it could be because your site’s design is putting people off or it could be because your blog posts are just a bit boring.

Read on for a few pointers on how to write interesting blog posts that your readers will enjoy…


How to write content that people are interested in


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#1 Do your keyword research

A very important blogging tip that you’ll no doubt hear again and again, is to do keyword research. By carrying out keyword research upfront you can make sure you’re writing posts on subjects that people actually want to read about.

Find popular topics in your niche, see what questions are being asked online and provide the answers to these queries with your content.


#2 Write what you know

It’s usually obvious when someone has written a piece of content about something they have no knowledge of. It won’t fool your audience and might mean you lose credibility – especially if you pinch the content from another blogger.

Often the whole point of your blog is to share information about your specialist subject, whatever that is, so make sure you stick to topics you’re an expert on. By doing this your knowledge will shine through in your posts and your readers will want to find out more.


#3 Write from the heart

People are nosey and love to find out more about others. By visiting blogs we get to know about blogger’s lives and interests, so try writing posts about your life and experiences to keep your audience interested.

If your followers like what they see, they’ll want to come back and read more about you in the future.


#4 Find your style

Try to write your blog posts in your own style, as if you’re talking to the reader. Unless you’re writing for a large business you don’t have to be too formal in the way you write your content.

Keeping your writing more chatty and informal, writing in a way that comes naturally to you will bring out your personality and keep people interested in what you have to say. Write in the first person as this is how you’d talk to people in real life.


#5 Don’t write too much

Whilst Google does tend to favour longer, informative posts in its search results, you risk boring people if you start writing posts around 3000 words. Focus on the content itself rather than the number of words in a post.

Try to keep posts to the point and don’t use more words than necessary just to increase the word count. Remember that people often read blogs on their phone when they have a few minutes to waste so they don’t always have time to read lengthy articles.


#6 Think about your audience

It’s important to know your audience – who are they, how old are they, what are their interests and hobbies?

By getting to know your audience you can write content that they will enjoy reading. As an example, if your audience is mainly made up of mums then they probably aren’t going to want to spend time reading post on the nightlife in a city you’ve recently visited. However, Millenials who like to travel would probably love to read a blog post on this subject.


#7 Break it up

People will be put off by landing on a page containing a big block of text and are unlikely to read further than the first few lines. Hold their interest by breaking your copy up with large headings and eye-catching images that make your reader want to read to the end of the post.


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In your next blog post remember to be yourself, show what you know, and think about your audience. This way you should avoid writing blog posts that bore your audience!




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3 Replies to “7 tips for writing interesting content”

  • Such a useful post! There are way too many bloggers out there focusing on how to bring as much traffic to your website as possible and not enough focusing on how to actually write good quality, engaging posts.

    I do a variety of shorter and longer posts. For example if I’m writing a café or a restaurant review I will keep it to around 600-900 words but if I’m writing a thorough guide to a particular city or a travel destination it can be more like 2000-3000 words. I’m also considering doing pdf versions of those longer, more comprehensive posts so my readers can actually download them and use them as they would a regular guidebook when they travel.

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