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How to get more engagement on Twitter

get more engagement on Twitter

Do you share your blog posts on Twitter? If not you should start now! Twitter is a great platform for sharing news and articles, and if you use it properly it can help to bring a lot of traffic to Read more…

6 time-saving tips to speed up your social media scheduling

save time on social media schedulig

Before you started blogging, did you ever think it would take up so much of your time? Writing blog posts is just part of the process, there are lots of other blogging admin tasks that also need to be done Read more…

10 ways to get more Instagram engagement

Instagram engagement

Are you an Instagram addict? Or do you have a bit of a love/hate relationship with it? Instagram is notorious for changing the algorithm regularly and upsetting its users – the latest rumoured change is that the number of likes Read more…

5 mistakes to avoid when posting to social media

5 things to check before posting to social media

Social media is a must for bloggers – you need to get your content out there so that as many people as possible can see it. As well as your blog posts,¬†you’ll also be sharing photos of your life, news Read more…

Everything you need to know about using hashtags on Twitter

Twitter hashtags

As a blogger, you’re probably already using Twitter to promote your latest content. But are you using hashtags effectively? If used properly, Twitter hashtags can be a great way to promote your blog, reach a wider audience, get more engagement, Read more…

How to find the best hashtags on Instagram

How to find the best hashtags for Imstagram

Do you use Instagram for your blog? Many bloggers have a love-hate relationship with Instagram, us included, as it can be a lot of work creating a great feed and getting engagement. Click-throughs¬†to your blog won’t be as high as Read more…

Pinterest Guide Part 4: How to create a Pinterest schedule that drives traffic to your blog

How to create a Pinterest schedule that drives traffic to your blog

This is Part 4 of our Pinterest guide so hopefully, you now know how to set up your blog for Pinterest, how to rock your profile and how to use Pinterest effectively. If not, go back and read all of Read more…