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7 things every blog post should include

7 things every blog needs

To build a successful blog, it’s not enough to just write great content you also need to make sure that you’ve included the right elements to keep your readers wanting more and explore your blog further. There are many things Read more…

Answers to the top 5 questions all new bloggers have

keyboard yellow glasses

Starting a blog is a big move and knowing what to do at first can be tough. All new bloggers will have questions about how to start a blog so if you aren’t sure how or where to begin you’re Read more…

7 reasons you should start a blog today

What's stopping you?

Do you blog? If not, have you thought about starting your own blog? We guess you must have done, or you wouldn’t be here reading posts on a blog about blogging! We love blogging and would recommend it to anyone Read more…

Blog design tips to make your blog look better

Blog design tips to make your blog look better

Whilst writing good content should always be your main focus, design plays a big part when you start a blog. We all know how much first impressions count and most people will decide within seconds whether to stay and read Read more…