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How to write SEO friendly blog posts in 10 easy steps

SEO friendly blog posts

If you aren’t seeing the traffic from Google to your blog that you expected, it could be because your content isn’t SEO friendly. It can be a complex subject that needs some practice, but it’s one worth mastering as once Read more…

5 tips to speed up your blog for Google’s new mobile speed update

5 tips to speed up your blog for Google's new mobile speed update

We all know how much Google loves its algorithms and they have just announced that its latest update, “Speed Update”, is now being rolled out. This change means that the speed of a mobile website will now be a factor Read more…

7 easy SEO tips for bloggers

When you first set up a blog you may think that writing good content and scheduling to social media is enough to get people reading your posts. You might not even consider SEO or even be aware of what it Read more…