4 signs you’re neglecting your blog and what to do about it

With the rise of Instagram and YouTube influencers more and more people are leaving blogging behind and taking to social media instead. If you have a blog, have you been giving it the attention it deserves recently?

We’re all guilty of getting sidetracked and trying new things such as social media and video, but if you don’t want your blog to be forgotten you might want to spend some more time this week on good old fashioned blogging.


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4 sign you’ve been neglecting your blog


#1 You’ve been focusing more on social media

Have you been posting product reviews or photos of your days out straight to your social media accounts rather than writing blog posts about them? If so, you’re missing out on valuable blogging content.

Social media is great to reach lots of followers instantly but only by having this content on your blog will you be found by search engines once your social media posts have been forgotten about.


#2 You’ve forgotten about your older content

Sometimes you don’t feel like writing new blog posts, maybe you’re in the middle of a period of writer’s block and just don’t have the inspiration for new content.

This doesn’t mean your older blog posts should be forgotten about. Share previous blog posts on social media and create new pins for them to continue to drive traffic to your blog. This is especially important to keep people visiting your blog even when you aren’t creating new content.

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#3 You haven’t written a post for a few weeks… or more

Be honest, how long has it been since you published your last post? Regular content is essential to keep people interested in your blog and to sustain a decent level of traffic.

Your readers should know when to expect new blog posts from you. If new visitors land on your blog and see that your latest blog post was published weeks (or months!) ago they may assume you’re no longer blogging and won’t bother to subscribe or return in the future.

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#4 You haven’t emailed your subscribers recently

When was the last time you emailed your blog subscribers? Emailing people who have expressed an interest in your blog is your chance to tell them about your latest blog post, downloadable product, or simply remind them that your blog exists.

If you haven’t sent out an email recently, why not put something together to send out this week. After all, these people on your email list have already told you they want to hear from you.


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What do to if you have been neglecting your blog

If any of the above resonates with you don’t panic! There are things you can do to get your blog back on track.


Schedule social media posts

Before you begin writing new blog posts, schedule some content to go out on social media using your older blog posts. This will help to remind your followers that you exist and are still blogging, plus free up some time to actually get writing.

Free software like Buffer and Hootsuite makes it really easy to schedule content to go out across your social media channels, and Tailwind is a lifesaver for scheduling regular pins on Pinterest. Once done you can sit back and relax.

If you want an even easier solution, Revive Social is a WordPress plugin that will follow your chosen schedule and post your blog content directly to social media¬† on your behalf so you don’t even need to lift a finger.


Brainstorm ideas

If you haven’t written a post for a while because you’re out of ideas, take some time to sit down and write a list of possible posts.

Go through your recent social media posts and see if there are any days out or new purchases that you could write a blog post about.


Set up a calendar for blog posts

Like many things in life, having a plan for your blog will help you to stay organised and produce regular content. Install a plugin such as WordPress Editorial Calendar and add drafts of blog post titles or topics on the days you want them to go out.

Try creating a plan for a month at a time. This will allow you to plan what you want to write about and avoid time spent staring at a blank screen wondering what you can blog about.


Email your subscribers

If it’s been a while since you sent out an email, now is the time to rectify that. If you have written a blog post recently, you could email your subscribers to let them know about it.

If you don’t have any new content to tell them about, why not email them about a product or download on your website, or maybe a round up of your blog posts centered around a particular theme.


Hopefully this post has given you some inspiration to get back into blogging and how you can go about it. Have you been neglecting your blog lately?


4 Replies to “4 signs you’re neglecting your blog and what to do about it”

  • I’ve been slowly updating old posts with “nofollow” links, resizing images, deleting excess pins for Pinterest . . . I have been neglecting to add more new content too! This post was a good reminder to keep going and pick up the slack, thanks!

  • Yay! These are all about me. I have a hard time writing and posting new articles because of juggling between my daytime work and blogging. Thanks so much for the helpful tips. I must, I should and I could do this!

    Josh | Soulful Encourager

  • Such a great reminder as always! You’ve included a lot of great ideas. While working full-time, I just cannot find enough time to get busy writing and posting. I hope to figure out a writing/blogging schedule real soon.

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