8 signs you need to update your old blog posts

update your old blog posts

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You’ve probably learnt a lot since you first started your blog. If your current blog is your first ever blog, you probably started out with limited knowledge about blogging.

Along the way you gradually learn what works and what doesn’t. You take courses to learn new skills to help you improve your blog, and you get better at writing blog posts people want to read.

We’ve taken the following courses which have helped with our blogs a lot! With this new knowledge we’ve been able to breathe life into older blog posts and generate more page views for content we wrote years ago.

Have you gone back through your old blog posts recently to see what could be improved with your new found knowledge?

If you cringe a bit at your early content, you may need to update some of the posts for SEO, spelling and grammar, new information, or social sharing among other things.

So if it’s been a while since you started your blog, here are 8 signs you need to update your old blog posts…


8 signs you need to update your old blog posts


#1 Your blog posts aren’t getting organic traffic from Google

Many new bloggers don’t know about SEO or understand how to write blog posts that are SEO friendly. Take a look in Google Analytics to see if your early blog posts are getting traffic from Google. If they aren’t ranking on search engines then you have some work to do on keyword research to update your old blog posts.

There are some great free SEO tools for bloggers to help you understand what keywords you need to use in your blog posts and how to use them within your content to help more people find your blogs on Google.


#2 Your blog posts aren’t long enough

Longer blog posts will rank better on search engines than shorter posts, so if your earliest blog posts are less than 500 words it’s a good idea to see how you can beef them up a bit.

Think about what extra information you know about the subject now, is there any additional info you can add to the post?

Doing some keyword research on the topic might highlight extra questions you can answer within the content.

Have a look at other posts on the same subject, is there anything important that you’ve missed?

Try to make all posts over 800 words in length – the longer the better.


#3 Your blog posts are poorly laid out

Do your old blog posts look awful compared to your newer ones? Are they hard to read?

You may need to add headings or bullet points to break up long paragraphs of text and make the content easier to read.

Maybe your photography skills have improved and you can replace some of the images with much better quality photos.┬áIf you haven’t included images at all you may want to find some professional stock photos to make the page look more appealing.

Some of these general blog design tips may help to improve the layout of your blog posts.


#4 Your blog posts don’t offer value

Were your early blog posts all about you, without offering anything helpful to your readers? If so, you’ll probably find that not only are they now out of date but they’re also not getting much traffic.

Rather than ignoring these old posts, why not have a think about what advice or tips you could include instead.

For example, if one of your blog posts was focused on an event that happened in your life you might be able to add some pointers or advice that you learnt from the situation. Always try to think about what someone will get out of reading one of your blog posts. How can you help them solve a problem?

Consider also adding in links to external websites or resources that may add extra value to the subject you’re talking about.


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#5 You didn’t add any pinnable images

If you want people to pin your blog posts you need to make sure you add well-designed vertical images within the content. By doing this not only will you get more social shares, you’ll also start to receive more traffic to the posts from Pinterest.

So many great blogs include social share icons but no images worth pinning when you try to share the post to Pinterest. These bloggers are missing out on lots of Pinterest traffic!

If you did add pinnable images to your early blog posts, it could be worth adding a new pinnable image to older posts – Pinterest loves fresh pins after all.

Take a look at our blog post listing the latest Pinterest best practices to make sure you’re making the most out of your most pinnable content.


#6 Your blog posts are full of spelling mistakes

If you’ve been blogging for a while your writing skills have probably improved since you first began. When was the last time you went through your early posts to proofread them for any mistakes?

No one likes to read content that is littered with spelling and grammar errors and it’s important that even your old posts are free of these kind of mistakes.

This might sound like a bit of a daunting task if you have a lot of posts to go through, but it can be quite a simple process if you use the free Grammarly tool to help you spot and quickly fix any spelling and grammar mistakes.


#7 You didn’t add any internal links to your blog posts

You want people to stay on your blog and read as much of your content as possible. This will help to bring down your bounce rate.

One way to get your readers to hang around is to add links to other relevant blog posts within your content.

If you now have several blog posts on the same subject, update your old blog posts by adding internal links to direct the reader to other information that they may find useful.


#8 You haven’t included a call-to-action in your blog posts

What do you want someone to do when they reach the end of a blog post?

Do you want them to read other posts, sign up to your email list, download a freebie, or something else?

Whatever it is that you want them to do, you need to make it obvious by adding a clear call-to-action. You can use a button, a sign up form, or bold text to make your CTA stand out.


Have you got some work to do to update your old blog posts to improve them and help them to get more views?

If you need more help on improving your blog, you can download our FREE blogging checklists here.





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