A list of accounts on Twitter that will re-tweet your blog posts

It can be difficult to get engagement on Twitter when people’s timelines move so quickly. Even if you have thousands of followers it can sometimes feel as though you are sending your tweets into a black hole.

However, there are ways to get your tweets in front of more people. Read on to find out more about Re-Tweet Accounts and how you can use them to get more eyes on your blog posts…



What is a Re-Tweet Account?

A re-tweet account is a Twitter account that will retweet (RT) your tweets if you mention them or use a dedicated hashtag in your tweets.

This type of account will help you to reach more people on Twitter. A wider reach means more chances to get people clicking through to your blog posts.

Some re-tweet accounts are relevant to all bloggers, others may just be for a particular niche such as beauty blogs or parenting blogs.


Re-Tweet accounts to follow…

There are a lot of Twitter accounts set up with the aim of supporting bloggers by re-tweeting their posts.

Using these accounts to boost your engagement on Twitter is simple. All you need to do is follow the account (make sure you do if you want them to show your tweets some love!), and either tag their username or use a hashtag of their choice in your tweets. In return they will re-tweet your tweets to their followers.

Below we have listed some of the Twitter accounts that do this, and what you need to do to get your posts re-tweeted. We have only included Twitter accounts that are currently active to help you to make sure you are using the right ones in your posts.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and tag our username @wakeup_blog in your tweets to get a re-tweet of your blog posts!


Here is a list of accounts on Twitter that will re-tweet your blog posts…

All Those Blogs! – tag @allthoseblogs
BBlog RT – tag @BBlogRt and use #BBlogRT
BestBlogRTs – tag @bestblogrt
Black British Bloggers – tag @BB_Bloggers
Blissbloggers – tag @bliss_bloggers or use #blissbloggers
BlogForeverRT – tag @BlogForeverRT or use #BlogForeverRT
Bloggeration_ – tag @Bloggeration_
Bloggers RT – tag @UKBlogRT
BloggersTribe – use #BloggersTribe
BloggingBabesRT – tag @bloggingbabesrt
Blogging Bee’s – tag @bloggingbees
BloggingBeesRT – use #bloggingbeesrt
BlogLove – tag @bloglove2018 and use #bloglove2018
Blog YouTube and Etsy Re-tweets – tag @SparkleSocials
King Blogger – tag @BlogLover5
Hot Bloggers – tag @ukhotbloggers
Our Blogging Life – tag @OurBloggingLife or use #OurBloggingLife
Sunshine Bloggers RT – tag @sunshineblogrt and use #SunshineBloggers
The Blogger Crowd – use #thebloggercrowd
The Blogger Group – tag @tbgWW or use #tbgww
The Bloggers Knot – tag @thebloggersknot
TheBloggersPost – tag @TheBloggersPost
The Cliqué – Bloggers RT – use #theclqrt
The DS Blog RT – tag @theDSblogRT
#TLOBLOGS – tag @theloveofblogs or use #TLOBLOGS
TRJ For Bloggers – use #TRJForBloggers


Get more eyes on your tweets by tagging some of these accounts in your posts... Click To Tweet


We would recommend that you save this list as a note on your phone or laptop so that all you need to do is copy and paste 2 or 3 of the usernames or hashtags into each of your tweets as you schedule them.

We’ll update this list as and when we find more great accounts, so make sure you bookmark this page.

Happy tweeting!

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