7 reasons people bounce from your blog and never return

Why people ;eave your blog

Do you spend much time on other people’s blogs? If so, you’ll no doubt have some favourites that you visit time and time again.

You’ll probably land on some blogs that you never want to visit again!

We spend a lot of time on other blogs, learning about new subjects, finding out what other bloggers are up now, and looking for some inspiration.

Sometimes we visit a blog that we just can’t wait to leave, and this is usually for silly reasons that the blogger could fix easily. Maybe they aren’t even aware that it’s happening.

If you are doing any of these 7 things on your blog, this is why people won’t stick around – and possibly why you have a high bounce rate…


Find out the top reasons people leave your blog…


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Your blog is badly designed

If we land on a blog that is poorly designed then we don’t tend to stay for very long. Design can obviously be a matter of opinion or taste, but there are some things that are just bad design:

  • The layout doesn’t work on mobile
  • There are too many different colours
  • The navigation isn’t user-friendly
  • The page is too busy with no white space
  • The colour or pattern of the background makes the text hard to read

Using a pre-designed theme can help you improve the look of your blog.

For some more tips have a read of this post: blog design tips


There are too many pop-ups

You know exactly what we mean. You land on a blog only to have to close tons of pop-ups before you can see any of the content.

We understand the need for pop-ups, you want people to subscribe to your blog and follow you on Instagram or Pinterest, and then, of course, there’s the legal requirement of the cookie notification. However, too many of these in one go could be sending people away straight away.

Think about how many pop-ups you need, how they are designed and where they are placed. You can get some to pop up after a certain time on site, which means they aren’t in your reader’s face right away.

It’s worth viewing your blog in incognito mode so that you can see what new visitors will see when they visit your blog. You could also ask friends or family to take a look and give you their honest opinion.


It takes too long to load

Did you know that the majority of people will leave a website if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds?

That’s not very long so you need to make sure that your blog doesn’t take too long to load. Using a good host and reducing image size are two ways to make sure your site loads quickly.


There’s too much text

If someone is reading your blog on their mobile, they will likely want to scan the content fairly quickly. If you have blocks of text with no headings, lists or photos to break it up, your reader could feel overwhelmed and leave.

Breaking up the text makes the page look more appealing to the eye and much easier for the reader to digest the content.


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Your titles are misleading

It’s a real bugbear of ours when we have clicked through to a blog from social media and the actual content of the article is completely different to what was suggested.

‘Clickbait’ titles are great for getting the traffic to your blog, but you want people to stay and read your posts. Try to keep all titles relevant and descriptive of the subject matter.


Your imagery is poor

Imagery on blogs is so important, both in the design as mentioned above but also to give your site a professional look.

If you use bad quality images, it will very quickly give the impression of an amateur blogger.

You can find lots of amazing, high-quality images for free online or subscribe to a professional stock photography library.


The post is just an ad for your ebook or course

This is so common if you use Pinterest to look for interesting and informative blog posts. You see a pin which promises “10 tips on…” but when you click through the blog post is just one big advert asking you to subscribe to an ebook or course.

A much better way to do this is to write a blog full of informative information on the subject and then offer your ebook or course if the reader wants to learn more. If they have read to the bottom of the post it’s likely that they’ve found your content useful and will be interested in more tips from you.


So, what do you think? Are you committing any of these blogging crimes?

By fixing just a few simple things, you may be able to increase your bounce rate and get more engagement on your blog posts.

What puts you off staying on a blog?


Do people like your blog? If you have a high bounce rate, then maybe not! Click through to find out some blogging mistakes that might be sending people away from your website... | www.wakeupandblog.co.uk | 7 reasons people don't like your blog | Blogging tips | Website mistakes | Bloggers | Advice for bloggers
These blogging mistakes could be causing people to leave your website pretty quickly...and never return! | www.wakeupandblog.co.uk | 7 reasons people are leaving your website | blogging tips | advice for bloggers | web design

4 Replies to “7 reasons people bounce from your blog and never return”

  • This is a great post! I completely agree with all of them.. especially the pop ups. Yes, one pop up is all good, but when there is a pop up for subscribing, a side slider with your pinterest or instagram and a pop up ad at the bottom that makes it super hard to scroll and actually read! Get out of here!

  • The pop-ups are a big thing for me. I want to make money as a blogger and I understand that ads are one way bloggers make money. But if I have to close 3 or 4 different ads just to see what the content is, I’m likely not going to waste my time again. And I’m bookmarking this list so that I can pick my own blog apart. Thanks for posting this! Very helpful.

  • I was almost scared to read this in case I was breaking all the rules, I *think* I’m doing ok but I’ve got some way to go so this is really helpful, thank you

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