Pinterest Guide Part 4: How to create a Pinterest schedule that drives traffic to your blog

How to create a Pinterest schedule that drives traffic to your blog

This is Part 4 of our Pinterest guide so hopefully, you now know how to set up your blog for Pinterest, how to rock your profile and how to use Pinterest effectively. If not, go back and read all of those posts before you go any further!

If you’ve got everything set up correctly, you may now be wondering how to start pinning your blog posts and create a schedule? Fear not, we’re here with some tips for you to set up a Pinterest schedule that will help to get your blog posts in front of more people.


The way we see it you have two options – manual pinning or using a scheduler to do the hard work for you. We have tried both ways and you can get similar results with both. However, manual pinning takes up A LOT of your time so it really depends how much free time you have,

A manual pinning strategy includes using spreadsheets to keep track of your boards and pins and spending around an hour of your time pinning every day.

We don’t know about you, but we just don’t have time for that. If you don’t either, then we really recommend you try a Pinterest scheduler and you probably know by now that we use and love Tailwind.

By using Tailwind to schedule pins you can spend around 30 mins a week adding content to your schedule and the rest will be done for you.

Here’s how it works…


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About Tailwind


  • Tailwind is the only Pinterest approved scheduler
  • If you have multiple blogs or websites, you can connect more than 1 Pinterest profile to your Tailwind account
  • You can instantly create the optimal posting schedule based on your audience
  • Using the bulk upload feature you can schedule multiple pins at once
  • Install the Chrome, Firefox or Safari browser add-on to add pins to your schedule at the click of a button
  • You can schedule repins directly from Pinterest to your Tailwind schedule
  • Tracking Repins, Likes, Comments and Traffic on scheduled posts is easy
  • You can also track your growth in Followers, Boards, Repins, Likes and Comments
  • Tailwind allows you to analyse post performance by category, board, keyword and #hashtag
  • You can integrate Google Analytics with your Tailwind account to analyse your traffic from Pinterest
  • Tailwind will suggest content based on what you’re already sharing
  • You can easily identify which of your Boards are performing best to focus your pinning where it will reach the widest audience
  • You can schedule pins on the best days and times based on when your audience is most engaged

Sound good? Get a FREE month of Tailwind here to see how much easier it will make your life, and watch your traffic stats increase.

Before you get started on your schedule make sure you’ve got everything else ready for Pinterest by reading parts 1, 2 and 3 of our Pinterest guides:


How to create a Pinterest schedule that drives traffic to your blog

So…if you now have a free trial of Tailwind, here’s how to get started on creating a smart schedule that will help to get your blog posts seen by more people who are interested in your content…


Setting up your smart schedule

First of all, work out how many pins per day you want to start with. Pinterest expert Alisa Meredith suggests starting small and gradually increasing the amount. She also says that anything over 50 pins per day is too much.

With this in mind, try scheduling 5 – 10 pins per day to begin with and see how you get on.

Tailwind will suggest the best times for you to pin to your boards. The more you pin, the more accurate times Tailwind will be able to suggest based on your activity.

Start off by pinning to their suggested times for a week or so. After that, you can add more time slots to your smart schedule and gradually increase the amount you pin.

Adding time slots is easy, you simply click on the blue + Add Time Slot button and choose your time.


Alternatively, you can tell Tailwind how many times per day you want to pin and it will choose the best times for you.

Don’t forget to set your timezone to your local time so you’re reaching your audience at the right time of the day!

Keep an eye on your stats and change your smart schedule once a month with new timeslots to see if this has an effect.

The best times of day to pin will depend on your niche and audience. We tend to find morning and evening pins perform the best, i.e. when people aren’t busy at work during the day, but you will only find this out by experimenting.


Setting up board lists

Once you have set your schedule, Tailwind needs to know where you want to pin your content to.

Saving your boards into groups of lists will allow you to pin to multiple boards quickly and easily.

All you need to do is give your list a name and choose which boards you want to include. Your lists will depend on the kind of content you’ll be pinning and what boards you have.

For example, if you blog about makeup tips you could use a Beauty Boards list to group together all your boards within a similar niche.

Set up board lists in Tailwind

You can set up as many different lists as you want.


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Install the Tailwind browser extension

The Tailwind browser extension will make it really quick for you to add content to your schedule. All you need to do is click on the Tailwind icon and a pop-up window will show you all the pinnable content on the page.

You can click on the image you want to pin, choose your board and click schedule.


The extension is available for Chrome, Safari and Firefox.


Finding content to add to your queue

Start off by pinning your own content. If you’re new to Pinterest you can go through all of your blog posts and start pinning them to your relevant boards. Going forward you can then schedule your new posts as you publish them.

If you save a draft of each pin as you go, you will then have a bank of pins to schedule to any new boards that you join.

Your schedule should also include other people’s content as well as your own. A good ratio is 80:20 – 80% of your scheduled pins should be third-party content with 20% being your own content.

Find content to pin by using the Tailwind extension whenever you read a blog post you like. If you’ve enjoyed the post, add it to your schedule.

You can schedule pins directly from Pinterest, so work down your feed and schedule those pins that interest you. Just hover over the pin, click on the Tailwind logo and add to your queue.

Adding content to your Tailwind schedule


Bulk scheduling

Bulk scheduling content is a super fast way to fill up your Tailwind queue. Do a search on Pinterest, click on the Tailwind browser extension, and then select all the pins you want to add to your queue.

Bulk scheduling in Tailwind

Select the board you want to add the chosen pins to and click Schedule. If a board name is highlighted in orange, it means you’ve already pinned this image to your board. Click on the exclamation mark and you can see when you last pinned this image.

Bulk scheduling in Tailwind


Tailwind Tribes

Joining Tailwind Tribes is a great way to get your content in front of a wider audience, as well as a fab way to find other content to add to your schedule.

You get access to a maximum of 5 tribes with the free plan which is plenty to get you started with.

You can search for Tribes based on your niche and join the ones that interest you. Look for Tribes with lots of active members as this will mean you’re more likely to get repins of your content.

Tailwind Tribes

Make sure you check out the rules before joining so you know what is expected of you. Most tribes will require you to post at least 1 other pin for every one of yours that you add.

You add your pins to a Tailwind Tribe in the same way that you add to your schedule. Just click on the Add To Tribes button instead.

Adding content to tailwind Tribes


On the free plan, you can add 30 pins per month to Tribes.

Don’t forget to regularly check the insights of each Tribe that you join so you can check whether the Tribe is working for you. If not, leave the Tribe and find some new ones to join.


Tailwind Insights

Don’t forget to check Tailwind Insights to see how your schedule and boards are performing.

Here you can check the performance of your profile, which boards are getting you the most repins and clicks, which of your pins are getting the most engagement and how much traffic you are gaining from Pinterest.

If a certain pin is performing better than others, create more like it.

If a board isn’t generating many repins or clicks, maybe you should leave the board and find a new one to join instead.

Keep checking these stats regularly to make sure you are using Tailwind effectively.



If you still haven’t signed up for a free trial of Tailwind, what are you waiting for?

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Once your free trial is up, you can invite others to join Tailwind to get money off your plan. It’s a good way to carry on using Tailwind without it costing you a fortune.


Do you use Tailwind to schedule pins to Pinterest or do you have a manual pinning strategy? If you pin manually, do you think a scheduler like Tailwind would save you some time?

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