How to write your first blog post – 8 tips for new bloggers

how to write your first blog post

If you’re getting ready to start your first blog but don’t know where to begin with your very first blog post, don’t worry – we’ve all been there!

Starting a blog can be scary, but once you get going and see people visiting your blog you will be inspired to write more posts regularly.

That first blog post is often the hardest so we have put together some tips for new bloggers to help you to get that all important first blog post published. Read on for 8 tips on how to write your first blog post…



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#1 Relax

First of all try not to stress about it too much. Your first post is important in one respect as it’s the post that allows you to get your brand new blog live.

But on the other hand, whatever you write now you will probably look back in a year’s time and cringe when you read it because by then you will have learnt so much more about blogging. So it’s a good idea to just get something published – like ripping off a band aid!

Try to relax, think about a way to introduce yourself and your blog, and write your first 500(ish) words.


#2 Think about the reader

Whilst your blog obviously belongs to you and will likely be about you and your experiences, you also need to think about what people want to read about. After all, you’re starting a blog rather than a personal journal because you want people to read your posts, right?

Think about your ideal reader – who are they? What are they interested in? What can you offer to help them with?

Once you’ve worked out what your target audience want and need, you will understand more about what kind of content you need to produce to draw people in.


#3 Brainstorm

Before you start writing it’s a good idea to jot down some ideas first. These could be titles for blog posts, topics, or headlines, and can be on paper or as a note on your phone.

Planning what you are going to write before you begin means that you can start writing as soon as you open your laptop rather than staring at a blank screen and wondering what you write about.


#4 Share your experiences

Your blog posts should help your readers to solve a problem, after all that’s probably why they are searching the internet in the first place.

What problems do they need help with? What experiences do you have that you can share to help them? What do you know now that would have helped you when you were in their position?

The more experience and knowledge you have on a subject, the better placed you are to help people and generate traffic to your blog.


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#5 Think of a good title

The first thing people will see in the Google search results or on social media is the title of your blog post. Make this something catchy and intriguing so that people want to click on it to find out more.

Practical titles that tell someone how you will help to solve their problem usually perform well, such as ‘How to…’ or ’10 things…’

Before you decide on a title think about whether you would click on it if you saw it, or whether you would just keep scrolling?

We always find it easier to write the blog post first and then think of the title once you have all the content in front of you.


#6 Keep it simple

For your first blog posts try to keep things simple. Think of a topic and break it down into steps.

Over complicating things will mean you’ll spend a lot longer writing the post and may confuse your readers. You want people to come back to your blog in future, so don’t put them off with a confusing or complicated first post,


#7 Write when you’re feeling inspired

You have to be in the right mood to write a great blog post. If you force it you won’t write your best content and will just end up feeling stressed.

Read blog posts or books that inspire you, watch YouTube videos, talk to your friends, get outside in the fresh air – whatever it is that gives you inspiration.

This way, when you sit down at your laptop you will be full of energy and ideas.


#8 Proofread

An important tip for new bloggers that many don’t think about until they have published a few blog posts is to check, check and check again what you’ve written!

Check your spelling, punctuation, links and layout to make sure everything looks as it should.

A really handy tool (and a free one!) to help you check your spelling and grammar is the fantastic Grammarly browser extension. Simply add it to your browser and it will highlight any mistakes and make suggestions to fix them for you. It can be a lifesaver when you first start writing and have so many things to think about.



How to write your first blog post summed up in 8 points…

  1. Relax
  2. Think about the reader
  3. Brainstorm
  4. Share your experiences
  5. Think of a good title
  6. Keep it simple
  7. Write when you feel inspired
  8. Proofread

If you are a new blogger about to start your first blog, we hope that these tips have given you some ideas on how to write your first blog post and start your blogging journey.

Good luck!


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