How to set goals and stick to them

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It’s January tomorrow and many of us will be thinking about what we accomplished (or didn’t!) in 2018 and setting New Year’s resolutions and goals for the year ahead.

Setting resolutions at any time of the year can be hard enough in itself, thinking of actionable goals that are both ambitious and realistic to achieve, but sticking to them seems to be even harder.

Many people will admit that they’ve broken their resolutions before the end of January has even passed – does that sound familiar?

If you’re determined to keep to your New Year’s resolutions this year – or goals at any time of the year – here are some tips on how to set goals and stick to them…


8 steps to setting goals you’ll stick to…


Don’t choose too many goals

If you find it difficult to keep your resolutions, start off by sticking to just one. Setting too many goals will pull your focus in different directions and end up making you feel overwhelmed.

Your main goal probably won’t be something you can achieve in a month or 2 – set a goal that you can gradually work towards over the next 12 months. Be as specific as possible so you have a clear target in your mind of what you’re working for and why.

If you have other things that you don’t want to put off, you could set some “mini-goals” that are small enough to complete in a couple of months and that won’t steal your attention away from your main goal.

If you’re looking for blogging or business goals for 2019, we put together a list of New Year’s Resolutions for bloggers that might give you some inspiration.


Be realistic

When setting goals for 2019, don’t get too ambitious. If you want to be able to smash them, there’s no point in aiming for something that is totally unachievable.

However, if it was easy you wouldn’t need to set it as a New Year’s resolution in the first place so don’t pick something too easy just because you know you will be able to achieve it.

Be realistic when you set your deadlines and don’t put too much pressure on yourself by setting time-frames you know you won’t be able to hit.


Write it down

Writing down your goals and dreams can really help you to de-clutter your mind and make sense of what you want to achieve.

Seeing it all written down on paper makes it more real and is a good reminder later on to help motivate you to keep working.

If you have ideas of how you plan to hit your deadline, write those down too. A to-do list can really help you to get started on working towards your goals.


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Get started

The best way to get things done is to just get started – you can’t achieve your goals if you aren’t working towards them.

Don’t wait for inspiration to hit, or for someone to give you a helping hand, before you begin. Get going straight away on 1st January so you have the full 12 months dedicated to your plan.

You’ll kick yourself if you get a few months down the line and haven’t put much effort in yet.


Talk about it

Talking your goals over with your friends and family can really help to motivate you, having their support will give you that extra push you need if you are having a bad day. Plus, if you’ve let everyone know about your plan you have to do it!

Your loved ones will be there to support you when things get tough and encourage you to keep going.


Evaluate your progress

It’s important to evaluate your progress as you go along. This will help you to see how far you have come already and will motivate you to keep on going.

Writing down your achievements at the end of each month is a great way to see how far you have come, this could be your monthly blog stats or the amount of money you have made through affiliate marketing.

You might be surprised at how well you’ve done when you see your progress written down!


Celebrate successes

If you’re doing well, give yourself a pat on the back!

When you get halfway to your goal, why not reward yourself with a treat or by sharing your success story with your loved ones. Seeing how proud they are of your achievements will help you to keep going.

Celebrating your achievements is a great way to feel motivated to keep going.


Don’t beat yourself up

Above all else, don’t be hard on yourself if you’re not hitting your targets as quickly as you expected.

A bad month doesn’t mean you’re failing, it just means you need to work a bit harder next month and maybe change your approach.

Don’t give up!


Have you set any goals for 2019? If so, we hope some of this advice will help you to stick to them and have a successful year.


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