How to refresh your old blog posts to get more views

How to refresh your old blog posts

How do you feel about the first blog posts you wrote? Are you proud of them, or do you cringe a bit when you read them?

Would you write them differently if you had known then what you know now about blogging?

Whatever you do, don’t delete your any of your old posts. Deleting content will result in broken links which will impact negatively on your SEO.

You obviously wrote those early posts for a reason, most likely because you were trying to help your blog readers to solve a problem you knew how to fix. Rather than deleting old posts, keep them alive and just give them a bit of an update and a refresh if necessary.

If you’re wondering what to do with old blog posts and how to update them, read on for our tips on how to refresh your old blog posts to get more views…


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Update the heading

Your posts need catchy headings to draw readers in. If your older posts don’t have headings that entice your audience to click through, then you should update these now by writing better headlines.

Search Engine Optimise your headings by including the main keyword for your content to help your posts get found by search engines.

Good titles often include numbers (10 tips for…) or ‘How to’ so the reader knows you are going to help them solve a problem.

If you do change the title of an old blog post, make sure you don’t change the permalink as this will create broken links.


Update any information

Editing old blog posts can help to give them a new lease of life. If you go back and read through your older content, you might think of more information or tips that you can include. You might be more experienced in your niche now and be able to offer more help to your readers.

Check that none of the information is out of date or irrelevant – especially if you have written about any aspect of law or regulations.


Add new photos

The written content of your old posts may be fine but have your photography skills improved since you first started blogging? If so, it’s a good idea to update the photos with better imagery.

Adding a new photo as the featured image may also get people to click through who either weren’t interested in the first place or don’t realise they’ve read the post before.

If photography isn’t one on your strong points you can source some great free imagery online.

You may want to consider purchasing some royalty free photos so that the images on your blog aren’t the same as everyone else’s. Oh Tilly is a fantastic resource for professional and feminine images.

Oh Tilly Feminine Styled stock Photos

Fix spelling and grammar mistakes

You should go through every old post and make sure there are no spelling and grammar mistakes letting you down.

If spelling and grammar isn’t your forte, use the spell checker included in your blogging platform or do a spell check in Word. This won’t pick up everything but it will help spot most mistakes.

For extra help you can download the Grammarly browser extension for free and let it find and fix any mistakes for you. Even if you think your spelling and grammar is good, Grammarly will still probably pick up on things you hadn’t noticed.

Many readers will be put off by poor spelling and grammar so it’s essential you fix any errors if you want people to stay and read your posts.


Add links to related posts

Make sure that your recent posts link to your older posts, and go back through your posts and add internal links to other related posts you’ve written since.

Internal linking will help to keep your readers on your blog and discover more of your content by pointing them towards other content they’re interested in.


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Check SEO

You’ve probably learnt a lot about SEO since you first started your blog. If so, have you gone through and updated your early blog posts with everything you’ve learnt so they’re fully optimised for search engines?

If you need a bit of help you can download our SEO checklist to ensure you’ve remembered everything that needs optimising.

Updating the SEO on older posts will help them to be found on search engines.

Read our post 7 SEO tips for bloggers for more help.


Add affiliate links

If you’re now part of any affiliate marketing programs it’s a good idea to go back through old posts to add in any links.

This will help to further promote the products and services you recommend, as well as giving your readers useful recommendations.

You can find more information on affiliate marketing programs for new bloggers in this post.


Create new pins

If you haven’t added any pins to your early posts, now is the time to go back and add pinnable images,

Even if you have already added pins, you might want to create some new pin designs and add these to your older posts. This will help to get your blog posts seen by more people on Pinterest.

If you’re not using Pinterest yet, read our 4-part Pinterest guide to help you get started.


Schedule to social media

It doesn’t matter if you shared your early blog posts on social media when you first published them, you can schedule them again and again as long as the content is still relevant.

Revive Social is a great tool that will automatically share your old posts for you.

Have a read of our blog post 8 ways to get more social media shares of your blog posts to get more views of your older posts.


We hope these tips have given you some ideas on how to get more traffic to old blog posts. Which tasks will you start with?

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Always make sure you update old blog posts with anything new you've learnt - SEO, photography, new information. | Click to find out how you can bring new life to old blog posts and get more people reading them | How to refresh your old blog posts and get more views | #bloggingtips #blogging #SEO
Are you updating your old blog posts? You should be! Find out How to refresh your old blog posts and get lots more blog traffic... | #blogging #bloggingtips #SEO

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