How to get your first sponsored blog post

How to get your first sponsored post

So you want to monetise your blog even further? Hopefully, you’ve read our previous post on how to make money from your blog, have installed Google AdSense on your blog, and have read up on affiliate marketing.

If you have done all those things, maybe it’s time to get your first sponsored post.


Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, we may receive a small commission if you click through and make a purchase.


What is a sponsored blog post?

A sponsored, or promoted post, is content that has been paid for by an advertiser. It will often look like a normal blog post and it may not even be obvious that has been sponsored.

A sponsored blog post will usually be informative and include the blogger’s personal opinions of the product or service.


There are lots of great brands out there looking for bloggers to review and promote their products to a new audience – but how do you find these opportunities?

Read on for our tips on finding your first sponsored blog post…


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Write great content

Brands and PR companies will be looking for websites with well written, regular content so it is important that you publish quality content on a regular basis. If a brand visits your website and you haven’t published a post for several weeks they aren’t very likely to get in touch with you about sponsored opportunities.

Read up on our posts on how to be a consistent blogger and also how to write a great blog post so you can impress brands and PR companies with your content.


Build up a good social media following

Brands will want to know that you will promote your blog post about their product to your audience. If you have a large following on social media they will be confident that you can reach a lot of people with your content.

Post to social media regularly, include well-designed pins within your content and make it easy for visitors to your blog to share your posts after reading them.


Get good engagement on your blog posts

High follower numbers aren’t everything – if your audience isn’t engaging with your content they aren’t much use to advertisers.

Good engagement on your blog and social media shows brands that you have a loyal reader base who look to you for advice and recommendations.

Getting more comments on your posts is a great way to show brands that you have an audience who enjoy your content.

If you struggle to get good engagement on social media you can join Facebook groups aimed at bloggers where members will comment and like each other’s social media posts.


Write reviews for free

A good way to show brands how you could help to promote their products is by having some reviews on your blog already. You could pick some of your favourite products or attractions you have recently visited and write up your own review.

You may want to approach some brands and offer to write a blog post about their product in return for a freebie.

With this kind of content already on your blog and being promoted across your social media accounts, when brands are searching for influencers they will see your previous reviews and get in touch.


Take good photos

Brands will want bloggers to share great quality photos of their products, so it’s important that your blog and social media accounts showcase your photography skills.

Make sure you have relevant photos on you blog and social media – if you want to get sponsored posts on fashion you will need to have great photos of yourself modelling your favourite clothes. If you want to review attractions include photos of your days out.

Good photos are clear, bright, and fit in with the style of your blog.


Have a contact page

If you want brands and PR companies to get in touch about opportunities you need to make sure it’s easy for them to make contact.

Set up a contact or work with me page that includes either a simple form or a link to your email address.


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Where can I find sponsored blog post opportunities?

Hopefully, after following all the above tips you will start to receive emails from brands and PR companies wanting you to work with them.

If not, there are various websites where sponsored opportunities are advertised and you can apply by submitting a proposal and some information about your blog and social media accounts.

Two websites we have used many times are Bloggers Required and Bloggers Connected. Both are free and will explain the opportunity and how to apply.

You can also search on Twitter for companies using the hashtags #bloggersrequired #bloggerswanted and #PRrequest.


How much should I charge for a sponsored post?

This is a difficult question to answer as it will vary greatly from blogger to blogger depending on the amount of traffic their blog receives, its domain authority and the size of their social media following. Some bloggers will charge £50 for a sponsored post and some will charge £500 or even more!

It’s important not to sell yourself short. When setting your fees take into account how long it will take you to use the product to form an opinion, how long to take photos, and how much time you will need to spend physically writing up your blog post.

Set yourself an hourly fee and multiply this by the number of hours you will need to spend from start to finish to get the sponsored post published.


Things to be aware of…


  • Brands asking for do-follow links in return for payment – This is against Google’s guidelines and could result in a penalty against your blog not the brand or PR company. Read more about follow and no-follow links here.
  • Brands asking you not to declare sponsored posts – It’s important to always disclose to your audience when you have received payment or a free product in return for content. In the UK, the Office of Fair Trading states that not disclosing paid for promotional content on a blog constitutes deceptive practice under fair trading laws. However, the rules differ from country to country so it is always best to check before publishing your first sponsored post.
  • Don’t just accept anything – Whether it’s a low payment or a product that doesn’t fit in with your blog, don’t be tempted to accept everything you are offered just because you can make money from it. It’s important to keep sponsored content relevant to your niche and values.
  • Know when to say no – If you get a bad first impression of a brand it might be best to steer clear. The bad feeling could be because they keep trying to get you to lower your price, push you to include do-follow links, or are expecting too much for the fee. If they don’t respect your value they will probably be difficult to work with.
  • Set clear expectations – Agreeing on a fee, payment terms and deadline up front ensures that both you and the brand know what is expected of the collaboration. This should help to make sure you get paid in a timely manner and the brand gets what they are expecting.


We hope these tips help you to get your first sponsored post and on the way to making lots of money from your blog.

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