How to get more engagement on Twitter

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Do you share your blog posts on Twitter? If not you should start now!

Twitter is a great platform for sharing news and articles, and if you use it properly it can help to bring a lot of traffic to your blog.

As with most social media platforms though, it can sometimes feel like you’re talking to yourself when you post updates and no one interacts.

There are a few tricks to get more engagement on Twitter, here are a few things to try so you can put together your own Twitter strategy…


Tactics to increase Twitter engagement…



Keep it visual

Think about your own Twitter timeline – which tweets stand out and which ones do you scroll past without reading?

A great way to engage Twitter followers is simply to include an image. Using imagery makes people take notice and stop to find out more so try to always use something visual where possible. A funny gif or meme added to a tweet often helps with engagement.


Interact with other Twitter users

A top tip for getting more engagement is always to interact yourself – be social on your social media accounts! Make friends on Twitter, reply to their tweets, give them a like, retweet their content, and you may find they do the same back.

After all, it’s only polite to give if you expect something in return! Plus, you may even find some amazing new blogs to read.


Join a Twitter pod

Some bloggers love ‘pods’ and others hate them. We don’t see a problem as long as you join a pod with like-minded bloggers who’s content is relevant to your niche.

A pod is basically a list of bloggers who post links to their latest tweets in a private group message. You share their tweets with your followers and they share yours. It’s a simple way to get more people seeing links to your blog posts.

You can find Twitter pods and engagement groups by speaking to other bloggers and joining Facebook blogging groups.


Don’t spam your followers

Scheduling tweets is a great idea to save you save you some time on social media scheduling but don’t spam your followers by sending lots of automated tweets every day. Keep it to 3 or 4 scheduled posts and post some real-time tweets in between.

This way your followers will know there’s a real person behind the account and are more likely to interact with you.


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Tag blog sharing accounts

There are lots of Twitter accounts who support bloggers by retweeting their content. All you need to do is follow the account, and either tag them or use a dedicated hashtag – in return they will RT your tweets.

We have listed below some accounts that do this, but first of all make sure you follow us on Twitter and tag us in your tweets with links to your blog posts. We will help you to share your content!


Other blogging accounts to follow for shares are:



Using these hashtags will help you to get more RTs, just make sure you follow the Twitter account first:


Bookmark this page as we’ll update this list when we find more great accounts!

It’s a good idea to save these lists into a note on your phone or laptop so that you can copy and paste 2 or 3 into each tweet without having to remember the account names or hashtags.


Use relevant hashtags

If you want to boost Twitter engagement you also need to use hashtags relevant to your niche to get more people (and the right people!) seeing your tweets. Find out more about how to use hashtags on Twitter here.



If you’ve been struggling on Twitter we hope these tips help you to get more engagement, do you have any other surefire ways to get interaction on your tweets?



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