How to create an opt-in freebie your readers will love

create opt-in freebie

If you haven’t already created opt-in freebies for your blog, now is the time to get on it. A freebie is a great way to drive more traffic to your blog and explode your email list.

As a new blogger you might not have even thought about this yet – we have only recently set up our first opt-in freebies after putting it off for a long time!

If you’re not sure where to start, read on for tips on how to create an opt-in freebie your readers will love…



What is an opt-in freebie?

If you’re not really sure what we’re talking about, an opt-in freebie is a free product such as a printable checklist or planner that you give away on your blog in return for an email address.


Why do I need to create freebies?

Offering something for free on your blog will help you to drive more traffic as your freebie will provide the answers to burning questions or problems that your ideal reader has. By asking for an email address in return for the product, you can start to build an email subscribers list which will allow you to connect directly with your audience and will also come in useful if you decide to monetise your blog later on.

By offering something useful to your blog readers you can also build a loyal audience who will keep coming back for more.


7 tips to create an opt-in freebie your readers will love


#1 Make your freebie relevant

Before you create your freebie, have a think about what your audience actually wants or needs. Your freebies should always be relevant to your niche to make sure you are attracting the right kind of subscribers.

For example, there’s no point offering a house cleaning checklist if your blog is in the travel niche. You want to generate more subscribers interested in travel, not cleaning.

You can find out what your audience is interested in by looking at your most popular posts in your Google Analytics stats, checking what keywords have led people to your blog, and undertaking some keyword research for your niche.

You can also ask your blog readers what they need help with. Ask your social media followers to let you know or set up a poll on your blog to ask them.


#2 Make sure your freebie has value

Your freebie needs to be valuable to your audience so that once subscribed people keep coming back for more. A sub-standard freebie will cause people to unsubscribe from future emails, or just ignore future communication completely.

Try to use your freebie to solve an issue your audience has. This way, if you have helped them solve a problem they are more likely to turn to you for more useful advice going forward.


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#3 Different types of freebies

So now you know why you need to create freebies and have some ideas of topics, what type of freebies can you create?

Some suggestions include:

  • Checklists
  • Schedules
  • How to guides
  • Ebooks
  • Calendars
  • Templates
  • Photos
  • Online courses
  • Email courses


#4 Use a template for printables

Unless you’re a graphic designer you’ll probably need some help coming up with the design of your free printable product. Canva is a great free tool to use for this as has 100’s of templates for checklists, ebooks, calendars and lots more.

Decide on the type of product you want to create, pick a template, and then customise it with your logo and brand colours.

Once finished, download the file as a PDF that can be uploaded to your blog later.


#5 Set up a dedicated landing page

Once you have created your freebie you need to make sure your audience can find it. By setting up a dedicated freebie landing page on your blog you can direct people straight to it on social media and in emails.

You can just create a new page on your blog to promote your freebie, but to make life easier we recommend using an email marketing platform like Mailerlite to quickly create an effective landing page that includes sign-up forms.


#6 Make it easy for people to sign up

It’s important to make sure that it’s easy for people to sign up to receive your freebie. Place banners and sign-up forms on your website and in relevant blog posts to ensure everyone knows about it.

Add a ‘freebie’ category to your menu so that all your opt-in freebies can be found in one place.

Use a plugin to add easy to use opt-in forms that will integrate with an email marketing tool such as Mailerlite or MailChimp. This way, once you have an email list you can start sending out emails to your subscribers.


#7 Review your freebie

Keep an eye on how many people are signing up to your freebie. If you are using a service like Mailerlite you can what percentage of people landing on the freebie opt-in page go on to subscribe. If this percentage is low you may need to re-think the copy on the landing page, the design of the page, how user-friendly the sign-up form is, or the value of the freebie itself.

If the freebie is doing well and generating a lot of new subscribers you can move onto your next free product or even a product that you can sell on your blog.


By following these tips you can create an opt-in freebie your readers will love and grow your email subscribers list at the same time.

What free product will you start with?



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