How to be a consistent blogger and grow your audience

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How often do you publish a blog post? Every week? Once or twice a month? Whenever you feel like it?

We all have things that get in the way of blogging – work, kids, sickness, life – but publishing content regularly is an important part of growing your blog.


Why is it important to stay consistent with your blogging?

Blogging consistently helps you to build a loyal reader base. If your audience knows when to expect a blog post they will keep on coming back to read more.

Regular blog posts will bring in more traffic and encourage people to subscribe to your blog.


So, if you want to up your blogging game, you might be asking yourself “how can I blog more regularly?”. Here’s a list of 7 ways to blog more consistently and grow your audience…


7 ways to be a consistent blogger


#1 Have a publishing schedule

If you plan to blog regularly you need to decide when you’re going to publish your posts. Pick a day (or days) of the week and stick to these where possible. It doesn’t matter whether this is every Monday, or every Wednesday and Friday, pick whatever fits in with you.

Be realistic with your schedule. You might aspire to publish a blog post every day but if you’re currently struggling to blog once a week this just isn’t going to happen. Start off small, you can increase the frequency of your posts as you get into the flow.

If you write about different topics you might want to have set days for each topic, for example, motivational posts on a Monday, recipes on a Wednesday and beauty tips on a Friday.

Stick to your schedule and stay consistent.


#3 Brainstorm

If you want to blog consistently you need to have plenty of ideas of topics to write about. Get out a note pad and write down as many ideas for blog post titles as you can think of. This way you will never be stuck for ideas when you sit down in front of your laptop to start writing.

Once you have the possible titles listed, split them into different categories to make sure all of your topics are covered. You can then start to add the titles to your content calendar and start to flesh out your schedule.


#3 Get ahead of yourself

‘Winging it’ just isn’t an option when it comes to blogging, not if you want to be an organised and stress-free blogger.

When you have your list of titles and they are in your content schedule, you can start writing and getting together any photos, stats, quotes etc that you need. Spend some time writing enough blog posts to allow yourself to get a few weeks ahead. This way if you need to take an take an unexpected blogging break, it won’t leave a gap in your posting schedule.


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#4 Make time

It’s all very well having a schedule and lots of ideas for blog posts, but you need to make sure that you have time to actually write. We all have busy lives with demands on our time, and only you will know when you can easily fit blogging into your day.

If you work, study, have a family or hobbies, you might be short on free time. If you are serious about blogging though you will need to assess your priorities and move things around in order to give yourself enough time to blog, even if this is just a few hours a week.


#5 Don’t get distracted

It’s so easy to get distracted, especially when bloggers naturally spend a lot of time online. In order to stick to your schedule, you need to be disciplined and avoid distractions such as social media, especially if you are short on time.

Without distractions, you can be much more productive and keep up with your content plan. Turn your phone on silent or turn off notifications while you are writing so you don’t get sidetracked by social media.

Tidy your workspace so that the clutter doesn’t get in your way and you’re not tempted to waste time tidying your desk when you should be working.



#6 Try batching

Have you tried batching before? This is when you dedicate blocks of time to complete similar tasks in one go – such as taking enough photos for several blog posts or responding to emails.

This allows you to focus on one thing at a time and not get distracted by trying to multi-task. You can prioritise the most important tasks and be more productive with your blogging admin.


#7 Enjoy it!

The most important thing is to enjoy blogging. If you’re not having fun with your blog, why are you doing it?

When you love your blog, your passion will show in your writing and you’ll produce better content. It’s also easier to find the motivation to site down and write when you enjoy it.

Write about things that interest and excite you – if you’re not happy with your niche maybe it’s time to try something new!

Make some blogging friends by joining some Facebook groups or Twitter chats to meet some likeminded bloggers who can help and inspire you.



Hopefully, these tips will help you to blog more consistently and grow your audience. Scheduling, planning and having fun will make a big difference in your blogging life!

If you have any other tips, let everyone know in the comments below.



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6 Replies to “How to be a consistent blogger and grow your audience”

  • Great Tips I find these are very useful. Especially the batching time management. I believe 80% of the time should be spent marketing and cross promoting your content and 20% of the time actually writing.

    I also started merging blogs, as it easier to maintain and allows me to get more SEO searches via Google due to less keyword competition between similar topics on my site.

  • Great article! I started strong by making sure I had several posts written before going live and that was super helpful. It’s made going forward so much easier as I always have something already written to publish and can focus on writing rather than panic writing/publishing posts I don’t think are my best. Your tips are going to keep me on track for sure once isolation ends.

  • These are some really good tips! Definitely recommend making lists for blog posts. I’m currently (and surprisingly) a few weeks ahead with my posts, so it’s definitely made it all a little bit less stressful.

    Thanks for sharing.

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