How to add Google Analytics to your WordPress blog

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Google Analytics is the most reliable source for stats and information about how your blog is performing. If you don’t have the information to hand about how many people are visiting your blog, where they are coming from, and what they are looking at, how can you work out what to do (or not do!) going forward?


What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free tool that allows you to analyze the data for your website. It captures data from every visitor to your site and can show you who has visited, including information such as the browser they used, where in the world they are located, and how they found your blog. You can also find out what pages on your website visitors looked at and how long they stayed.

These stats allow you to know what improvements you need to make to your website and see how well your blog is performing.


If you don’t already have Google Analytics installed on your WordPress blog, here is an easy step by step guide on how to add it…


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Step 1 – Set up a Gmail account

To sign up to Google Analytics you will need a Gmail account so if you don’t already have one it’s a good idea to do that first. It’s free to use and will allow you to use many Google services.


Step 2 – Add your website to Google Analytics

Once you have a Gmail account go to Google Analytics and sign in. Select “Website” on the setup screen and then enter your blog’s name and URL under “Property” so Google Analytics knows which site to track.

Click the “Get Tracking ID” button to generate your unique tracking code. This is the code that you will be adding to your website.


Step 3 – Install the Google Analytics plugin

Unless you’re an experienced web programmer it’s a good idea to install a plugin to add your Google Analytics tracking code in the correct place on your blog. This eliminates the risk of messing with the code of your website. We use the free GA Google Analytics plugin.


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Step 4 – Paste the code onto your blog

Once the plugin is installed on your blog, you need to paste your unique Google Analytics code into the correct place.

Navigate to the plugin you’ve just installed,  go to ‘Plugin Settings’ and paste your code into the GA Tracking ID box as per the below screenshot (we’ve removed some of our code for obvious reasons!)

Step 5 – Choose the right settings

As per the above screenshot select ‘Global Site Tag’ (this is the newest version of Google Analytics tracking) and whether you want the code inserted into the header or footer of your website – you can add it anywhere but by putting it into the header section it will be one of the first parts of your site to load.

Once you have selected the settings hit ‘Save Changes’.


And your done! In 24 hours or so you should be able to log into your Google Analytics account and view the stats of who has been visiting your blog and what they have been looking at.



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