5 common SEO mistakes bloggers make

SEO mistakes

As a blogger, you probably know that SEO is important and you have most likely worked hard on optimising your blog posts.

There are many different ways to make your blog SEO friendly, and there’s a lot of information to get your head around.

Sometimes, the SEO ‘fixes’ you implement may be doing more harm than good to your website though – even experienced bloggers can fall into the trap but they can be easily avoided.

We have listed below 5 common SEO mistakes bloggers make so you can avoid them…


5 SEO mistakes to avoid on your blog


#1 Not using the right keywords

One of the first things bloggers do when learning about SEO is to start researching keywords for their niche. Using the right keywords helps your content to be ranked by search engines for relevant searches.

If you have a low amount of organic traffic coming to your site it might mean that you’re targeting the wrong keywords. Using the wrong keywords can result in a high bounce rate and low time on site.

Look for keywords that have high search volumes but low competition, a tool such as Google’s Keyword Planner will help you with this.

Make sure all keywords are relevant to your content and fit naturally in your copy – don’t just stuff them in!

Use different keywords across your blog so you aren’t competing with yourself.


#2 Not optimising titles, meta descriptions and permalinks

When you set up a blog post your title, meta description and permalink will often be set by default. You should always optimise these by adding your chosen keywords.

Using a WordPress plugin such as Yoast will allow you to easily edit these areas on each blog post. Yoast will also help you to ensure that your titles and meta descriptions aren’t too long.


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#3 Not optimising blog images

High-quality images are essential in blog posts but if you don’t optimise your images properly they could be harming your blog.

Name your images descriptively so search engines can understand what they are about and add alt-text to your images, including your keyword in the text.

Reducing the size of your images will help your website load faster and improve your Google PageSpeed score. You can use a plugin such as WP Smush to compress your images as you upload them.


#4 Not focusing on the loading speed

A fast loading website will perform better in Google searches so it’s important that you take a look at the speed of your blog. Did you know that the majority of visitors will leave a blog if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load?

You can increase the speed of your blog by compressing images, disabling plugins you don’t use, and using a decent server host. A caching plugin such as WP Super Cache will also help to speed up your page loading times.


#5 Not creating high-quality content

It’s important to remember that you need to be creating content for real people and not just search engines. Don’t solely focusing on keywords and how to make your blog posts SEO friendly, you need to also produce high-quality content.

Always write for your readers first rather than for search engines. Answer their most pressing questions with as much information as possible and Google will reward you.

Make sure content is original, easy for your users to read, and that you are publishing regular content.



Spend some time looking at your blog to check if you have made any of these SEO mistakes. If so, it’s definitely worth working on fixing these issues.

Were you aware of any of these SEO mistakes?




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