8 clever things to try when your blog traffic is low

How has your blog fared over these last few months?

With a global pandemic and yet more changes to Pinterest’s algorithms, many bloggers are finding that their blog traffic is at an all time low.

Dips in traffic can happen for many reasons, such as seasonal trends, changes to Google algorithms, global pandemics and more.

If what you were doing before was working well, it can be hard to know what to do differently to improve your blog’s traffic in quieter times, especially as it can often take time to see improvements.

However, when your blog is experiencing a drop in traffic that can often be your opportunity to undertake some essential blog maintenance to try and limit big drops in traffic in the future.

Here are 8 clever things to try when your blog traffic is low…



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#1 Optimise old blog posts

If you don’t have too many blog posts already this is quite a simple job. You can go through your earliest blog posts and update the content, imagery, add keywords and phrases, and check the post’s SEO.

If you have lots of blog posts this could be a much bigger job so you may want to start with those posts that aren’t performing as well as you think they should. Maybe the content is great but you haven’t effectively optimised the post for SEO.

Read more here about how to optimise old blog posts.


#2 Create new freebies

A great way to generate more traffic to your blog, and more email subscribers, is to create opt-in freebies. These could be printables, ebooks, templates or other downloadable files that people have to sign up to download.

If you’re not sure what freebies to create, work out which posts are your most popular by looking at your Google Analytics stats.  When you know this, have a think about whether there are any freebies that you could include in these posts to add more value for your audience.

Read more about creating opt-in freebies.


#3 Make fresh pins

Pinterest loves fresh pins so you should use every opportunity you can to create new pins linking to your best blog content.

It is recommended that you make 5-10 new pins each day and pin them at intervals to your best performing boards. This will help to generate more traffic to your blog from Pinterest.

For a more in-depth guide into using Pinterest, we really recommend this fantastic Pinterest course from Ell Duclos – Pinterest with Ell.


#4 Work on social media

Spending time now working on social media will help to drive more traffic to your blog in the coming weeks and months.

Share links to your blog posts, ask questions, engage with your audience, and make sure all of your accounts are up to date.

Build up your followers now so that when you share your content in future there are more people to engage with it. A loyal fan base will help you no end!


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#5 Add internal links

If you want to increase the amount of pageviews on your blog, you need to encourage your readers to visit multiple blog posts. The best way to do this is to add internal links within the text of your blog posts and include a plugin to promote related posts.

This will also help to keep down your bounce rate.


#6 Write new blog posts

The more content you have on your blog, the better.

It’s important to try to work out what types of content and topics will bring you more traffic. This could be content that is currently trending on Pinterest, or content including popular keywords within your niche.

Always think about what your audience wants from your blog. What content has been most popular in the past?


#7 Check your plugins

Your blog can be slowed down by having too many plugins, or not updating them often enough. A slow blog will appear lower in the search engine rankings, meaning less organic traffic.

Take a look through your installed plugins and remove any that you’re not using. For those remaining plugins, make sure you have updated them all to the latest versions.

If your blog is still running slowly, try turning off each activated plugin in turn to see if you can find the cuplrit.


#8 Get organised in advance

When do you write seasonal blog posts? If you’re writing and publishing Christmas blog posts in November you’re way too late to take advantage of the seasonal traffic.

Get organised by making a list of all holidays and seasonal events you can think of. Once you have that, write a list of blog post ideas for each holiday/season.

Write up these blog posts around 6 months in advance and publish them on your blog. This will give the posts chance to rank on Google for your chosen keywords.

2-3 months before the event, make 5-10 fresh pins for each blog post and schedule these to your best Pinterest boards.


When your blog traffic is low, trying these 8 tricks will help you to drive more traffic and future proof your blog.

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