Blog design tips to make your blog look better

Blog design tips to make your blog look better

Whilst writing good content should always be your main focus, design plays a big part when you start a blog.

We all know how much first impressions count and most people will decide within seconds whether to stay and read your posts or leave and find the information elsewhere.

But how do you design a beautiful blog? If you want to improve the look of your blog, we’re here to help with some blog design tips…


Blog design tips to make your blog look better


Keep it clean

We’ve all seen blogs that are so busy they almost give you a headache – we bet you didn’t stick around long to read their posts!

You’ll also have probably noticed that many of the best blog designs are very clean and white and this isn’t a coincidence. A clean, uncluttered blog layout with lots of white space makes the content much easier to read.

The header image should be eye-catching, the text should be easy to read, and it shouldn’t take up too much of the page.

Keep widgets and pop-ups to a minimum otherwise you are at risk of annoying and distracting the user away from your content.

Your layout should be as uncluttered as possible, almost minimalistic in design.


Make your content easy to read

It sounds obvious, but your posts should be easy to read. Remember that most visitors to your blog are likely to be on mobile so your text shouldn’t be too small or in script fonts.

Too many different fonts make a page look very messy and amateur. Use a maximum of 2-3 fonts – sticking to Google Fonts is widely recommended as these are compatible with most devices.

Light text on dark backgrounds is hard to read so try to stick to a white or very light grey background with black text. Light or pastel colour text might look lovely for your headings but it will be difficult to read. You should also always avoid having an image as the page background.

If your posts are quite long, break up the text with headings and bullet points so that your visitors can easily skim the content to see what it is about. Leave enough space between headings and paragraphs so that the text is easy to follow.


Stick to your branding

Hopefully, you will have decided on your logo and branding before you start setting up your blog. If you’ve done this then when you start to create your blog you will already have an idea of the look and feel you’re aiming for.

In keeping with the above point of keeping it clean, you should avoid using too many colours – stick to 2-3 at the most. These colours should flow through your logo, headings, buttons and links so that everything is consistent and on brand.

Stick to the same fonts throughout, whether in headings, the main body or links. Your branding should always be recognisable whatever page of your site you are on.


Use high-quality photos

Poor quality and amateur images ruin a blog and it’s such a shame when you see bad photos distracting from otherwise ok content.

If you’re not a great photographer or don’t have a very good camera, it’s ok to use stock imagery. Wherever you source your blog images from, make sure they are clear and good quality photos.

The imagery you use on your blog should also have a theme and fit in with your branding. Try to always use the same style and size photos within your content so that each post looks the same.

There are some fantastic and reasonably priced stock imagery libraries out there. Our fave, and the one we get lots of our photos from is Oh Tilly has lots of beautifully styled stock photos perfect for creating a clean, stylish and feminine look to your blog and branding.Oh Tilly Feminine Styled stock Photos



Offer easy navigation

The last thing you want is for your readers to get lost on your blog and give up. Making your navigation as easy to follow as possible will help people to navigate through your site to find related posts and information.

Make sure that your main menu is easily labelled and doesn’t include too many options. Put the main links in this menu such as blog, about, contact and home.

Your logo or header image should be clickable and take the user back to your homepage if they do end up buried in your site.

A blogger’s main aim is to serve relevant and useful information to their readers so make sure you’re showing your visitors as much of your content as possible. Have links to related content at the end of each post and a list of the most recent blog posts in your sidebar.


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Go easy on the ads

We all want to be able to monetise our blogs at some point and one of the easiest ways to do this is to include ads on your blog. However, you don’t want to distract from your content so don’t include too many ads that will make the page look messy and cluttered.

You should also avoid lots of pop-up boxes as these just get on people’s nerves.


Check your blog on different devices

You’ll probably put your blog together using a PC or laptop and will be used to seeing what it looks like on desktop. It’s important to remember that the majority of your readers will be viewing your blog on a mobile – ours is 70% and you can check your stats in Google Analytics.

As you put together your blog design, don’t forget to check it on different devices and different browsers. Get your family and friends to check it for you and let you know if anything looks wrong or hard to read.

If you pick from one of the popular WordPress themes these will be optimised for mobile and should resize for different size screens.


For more tips on optimising your site for mobile, check out our blog post 5 tips to speed up your blog for Google’s new mobile speed update.


Have you been following these blog design tips already or has this post highlighted some design mistakes you’ve been making on your blog?



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  • These are some really useful tips! I loved this article. As a newer blogger, articles like these are SUPER helpful. I really need to start thinking more about optimizing my mobile layout. Thanks for the tips!!

  • Thanks for all the great tips in this post. I am in the middle of re-doing my blog. Have not done much blogging over the past year or two due to health issues. But missing doing it. I am a book reviewer but am also adding some life style things like bullet journaling, Bible journaling. etc. Again Thanks.

  • Great Tips!
    You can try Blog Designer Pro WordPress Plugin. It has many 40+ blog templates available that help to create an attractive layout. I hope this plugin useful to improve the blog.

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