8 ways to get more social media shares of your blog posts

8 ways to get more social media shares of your blog posts


As bloggers, we love writing content, but we all want our blog posts to be shared don’t we? Receiving social media shares is a great way to know that people have found your post helpful and like it enough to share with their friends. As well as an ego-boost, it also lets you know that you’re writing the right kind of content and which of your posts are most popular. But how do you get more social media shares?

If you’re not getting many shares of your content at the moment, it might not be because your writing is no good but more that you’re just not making your blog shareable.

Here are some steps you can take to get more social media shares of your blog posts…


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#1 Use a social share plugin

People are lazy and just won’t bother to go out of their way to share your blog posts unless it’s made really easy for them. Be honest, do you often copy and paste URLs into Facebook or Twitter to share a post you’ve just read? No, us neither we like to click buttons!

Using a plugin such as Sumo puts eye-catching sharing buttons on the page so it’s really easy for people to share with 1 click. You can choose where these buttons are displayed and they are mobile friendly too.

The social icons also display the number of social shares a post has received on each platform which helps to show your readers how valuable your content is.


#2 Click to tweet

For more shares on Twitter, you can use a plugin like Better Click To Tweet which makes it really easy for people to share by putting a clickable message within your post. You can choose what the message says, where it goes and it will look like this:

Want more shares of your blog posts on social media? Here's how... Click To Tweet

You can include your Twitter handle which will allow you to see when the post is shared on Twitter, and the link of your blog post will be included automatically.

Don’t forget to test it yourself before publishing your post to make sure your tweet isn’t too long.


#3 Pin pin pin!

You’ve no doubt heard bloggers raving about the amount of traffic they get from Pinterest and there’s a good reason for that – because it really works!

You have to give to receive, and pinning regularly yourself will result in more pins of your content in return.

To get the most out of Pinterest make sure to pin other people’s content as well as your own, join group boards relevant to your niche and join active Tailwind Tribes. Setting up your profile as a business will also provide you with valuable insights on your most popular pins.

We highly recommend scheduling your pins using Tailwind. Once set up you only need to spend an hour or 2 a week pinning and then can sit back and watch the Pinterest traffic roll in.


If you want to try Tailwind for free you can do so using this link – you’ll also get $15 credit when you sign up.


#4 Write good content

Hopefully, you’re already focussing on writing amazing blog posts but to get your content shared more, you need to be producing shareable content.

Writing a great post that answers your reader’s questions is much more likely to result in them sharing it with their own followers.

Think about your audience – who are they and what they are looking for? Think about how you can help them and produce content around their questions.

Check out this post for some more tips on what makes a good blog post: How to write a blog post people want to read


#5 Respond to shares

When people do share your content it’s good manners to respond with a ‘thank you’. If your blog fans know that you appreciate their shares then they may well come back and do it again.

As an extra thank you, you could also share some of their content in return and comment on their social media posts and blog.



#6 Share your own content

You can (and should!) blow your own blogging trumpet by sharing your posts to your own social media accounts. Facebook shares, retweets and repins all result in a wider audience visiting your blog which in turn will mean more direct social shares.

It’s a good idea to schedule your social media posts using a social media management dashboard such as Buffer or Hootsuite to take away some of the workload. You can also use the Revive Social plugin to share older evergreen content.


#7 Include imagery

We all know that social media posts with imagery get more engagement so make sure that when people share your posts there are some eye-catching and high-quality images pulling through.

If you’re not a confident photographer there are plenty of places you can source professional looking photos for free.

It’s also a good idea to use software like Canva or Picmonkey to design graphics in the optimum sizes for sharing across social media.

Get a FREE trial of Picmonkey here.


#8 Just ask

Have you tried asking for shares? We don’t mean begging people on Twitter to ‘Pls RT’ but don’t be afraid to ask your readers to share your posts if they’ve found it useful.

When you share your content on your own social media pages you can also ask your followers to share with their friends and family who might also find it helpful.



We hope this has given you some ideas for new ways to gain more shares of your blog posts on social media. Are there any other ways you manage to get more social media shares of your blog posts?


8 ways to get more social media shares of your bog posts | How to get your content shared on social media | Blogging tips | Social media tips
8 ways to get more social media shares of your bog posts | How to get your content shared on social media | Blogging tips | Social media tips


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