8 easy tips to keep readers on your blog for longer

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As a blogger, you may be so focused on traffic and visitor stats that you forget that keeping people on your blog is actually just as important as getting them there in the first place.

You could receive 1 million visitors to your blog, but if they all leave without reading your posts what’s the point? Having engaged visitors is what makes a blog successful, not just the numbers.

Starting a blog can seem quite easy compared to getting people to visit your blog and read your content!

If you’re not sure how long people are staying on your blog, you can find this in Google Analytics under Audience > Overview. The stats you need to focus on to see how engaged your readers are is ‘Time Spent On Page’ and ‘Bounce Rate’.


What does ‘bounce rate’ mean?

The bounce rate is the number of visitors (as a percentage) who come to your blog but then “bounce” straight away again without viewing any more pages. The lower your bounce rate, the better. A high bounce rate is considered to be anything over 70% so you want to aim to keep yours below that figure.

The average reader only spends around 15 seconds on a webpage so your goal is to increase the time spent on page and reduce bounce rate.


If you’re not sure how to keep your readers engaged, read on for our 8 easy tips to keep people on your blog for longer…


#1 Get to know your audience

It’s so important to understand who you are writing for if you want to encourage visitors to stay on your blog. For example, if you are aiming your posts at Millenials but your readers are primarily mums, you’re not likely to hold their attention for very long or encourage them to come back.

Ask your audience questions so you can get to know them – how old are they? Where do they live? What hobbies do they have?

This is where an email list comes in really handy as it allows you to communicate directly with the people who read your blog.


#2 Create good content

It may sound obvious, but writing good quality content full of helpful information and advice will keep people on your blog longer than a rambling post full of nothing.

Lists and How-To posts perform well as they are informative, easy to read and keep people interested.


#3 Write longer posts

In simple terms the longer your posts are, the more time people will spend on your blog reading your content.

Google likes longer content and posts over 700 words are recommended to improve SEO. If you regularly write long-form content such as guides or tutorials, rather than shorter posts, you will see an increase in the amount of time people spend on your site.

Don’t just waffle to make your posts longer though, all content should stay on topic and serve a purpose.


#4 Make content easy to read

Having a user-friendly design for your blog is essential to encourage visitors to stay and read more. Pop-ups, ads and a busy page layout will immediately put people off from sticking around.

Organise your page so it’s easy to navigate and use a font size that is easy to read on mobile as well as on a desktop. Break up large paragraphs of text with headings, bullet points and professional imagery.

Read more of our tips to improve your blog design here.


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#5 Speed up your blog

Did you know that most people wait 3 seconds for a website to load before giving up? 3 seconds!

If you want people to stay on your blog and take a look around, make sure your site loads quickly and large images aren’t slowing the page down.

Find out how to speed up your blog in this post.


#6 Link to related posts

If your blog visitors are enjoying your latest post, give them more! Linking to related posts within your copy encourages people to click through and read other posts on similar subjects. This is known as interlinking.

Adding a related posts WordPress plugin will automatically add similar posts based on keywords at the bottom of each page and looks like this:

related posts


#7 Add blog categories

Including links in your menu or sidebar to your various blog categories, will allow visitors to find the types of content they want to read more about.

Don’t add too many different categories as this will just create a long list of links that most people won’t be bothered to scroll through.


#8 Add a search bar

Adding a search bar to your blog allows your visitors to search for specific topics and keywords on your site. Include your search bar somewhere visible such as towards the top of the page so it’s easy to find.


With these tips, you will hopefully find that people spend more time on your blog and read more of your content.

Have you tried any of these? Have they helped to improve the time your visitors spend on your blog?


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