8 blogging truths no one talks about

If someone tells you that blogging is easy – don’t listen to them!

Blogging is a lot of hard work, but if you’re reading this post because you’ve already set up your blog then you’ll know that.

We’ve had several blogs over the years (some more successful than others!) and starting a blog isn’t something you can do quickly or with minimum effort.

However, when you read some blogs, or see blog related pins on Pinterest, you might be fooled into thinking that blogging is a surefire way to make some easy money. You’ll see reports of six-figure blogging incomes or promises that you can earn thousands a month in a few simple steps, but real-life cases of this happening are few and far between.

What you don’t often hear, is bloggers telling you the negative sides of blogging. The hard bits and the struggles. The money you’ll spend on your blog long before you start earning an income from your site.

We’re not sure why more bloggers don’t talk about the cons of blogging but we’re not afraid to tell both sides of the blogging story, so here are 8 truths about blogging that no one talks about…


#1 Running a blog is like having another full-time job

Don’t believe blog posts you see saying you can get your blog up and running in 10 minutes. There’s no way that’s possible!

Setting up a blog properly takes time and it’s worth making sure you have everything covered without rushing to put it live. You might spend a month or two getting your blog ready, and even then it won’t ever be finished as you constantly need to make changes.

Once your blog is live you will stay up late spending many hours writing blog posts, tweaking themes, scheduling social media promotion and taking photos. You’ll live off as little sleep as possible, go into your day job tired, and come home and work on your blog some more.


#2 Growing your blog is really hard

Not many bloggers are lucky enough to get loads of organic traffic early on. You’ll probably feel as though you are churning out blog posts that nobody reads, to begin with.

You’ll try following tips from other bloggers, do everything the ebooks and courses tell you to do, and still might not see a huge rise in traffic.

But stick with it – eventually, you will find something that clicks and will watch as your pageviews increase each month.


#3 Blogging is very techy

SEO, CSS, HTML, SSL – probably not things you thought you’d need to learn when you started your blog!

There are lots of technical aspects of blogging that you’ll need to read up on in order to improve your blog and make it look professional. Those amazing looking blogs you land on don’t look that way by accident.

You’ll make mistakes, possibly even ‘break’ your blog somewhere along the line and have to work out where you’ve gone wrong.


#4 Blogging involves more admin than writing

When you first start blogging you might be surprised to find that you spend more time on blogging admin than actually writing blog posts.

Whilst publishing consistent content is important, if you don’t put in work behind the scenes no one will read your posts. You’ll spend more time on planning, researching, social media scheduling, learning and replying to emails than you do writing.



#5 You will need to do a lot of research and learning

There’s always something to learn when you’re a blogger. Unless you’ve built a website before you’ll probably need to read up on self-hosting, SEO and Pinterest marketing amongst other things.

It’s a good idea to take courses (there are plenty of great free or low-cost blogging courses) and download ebooks to keep on top of new technology and ideas.

Writing posts also involves a lot of research. Even if you know your niche inside out you may need to research stats, reports or other people’s opinions on the topic.


#6 It is very hard to make money from blogging

You could be fooled into thinking that blogging is an easy way to make money – a quick Pinterest search will bring up thousands of results of other blogger’s income reports.

When you read these in more detail though, you’ll see that these bloggers put a lot of work into their blog, usually over a long period before they started making money. They will have tried lots of different things before finding the one that brings in the big bucks, and even then it’s not something they can just leave to generate a regular income.

Just remember – if it was an easy way to make lots of money, everyone would be doing it!


#7 Running a blog can be expensive

To blog properly, you need to spend money on your site. From hosting to themes to subscriptions there is plenty to pay out for before your blog makes you any money.

If you want to make your blog a success you will need to accept that you have to ‘spend money to make money’ and might not see a return on your investment for a while.


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#8 You will want to give up

After all of the above stresses and expenses, you will no doubt think about jacking it in and getting back your free time to spend on something less stressful!

This is totally normal and all bloggers feel like this at some point in their blogging careers.

If you feel like this, take a break from your blog and think about why you set it up and what you want to achieve. You’ll hopefully come back motivated and raring to go again.



How many of these can you relate to? Let us know in the comments below so other bloggers know they’re not alone!


Most bloggers will tell you all the good bits about blogging - how successful they are, how much money they make - but won't tell you the negatives. Here are 8 blogging truths no one talks about... | Blogging tips | Advice for bloggers | Successful blogging | How to blog

When you start blogging no one tells you the difficult bits about blogging. Here are 8 negative sides of blogging no one talks about... | Blogging tips | Advice for bloggers | Successful blogging | How to blog

There are many ugly sides of blogging but not many bloggers will openly talk about it. They usually just tell you how much money they've made! We've listed the 8 ugly truths of blogging so you know you're not alone! | Blogging tips | Advice for bloggers | Successful blogging | How to blog

4 Replies to “8 blogging truths no one talks about”

  • Great article…. I just finished my first year and wrote a post. So funny that your post covered the same things that I encountered! I will definitely refer to your blog as a reference in the future! Also, I just signed up for Bloglovin because of another one of your posts! Thank you!!!

  • Finally, a post unveiling the real truth! I started on a “free blog website” several years ago-mainly for my own enjoyment and the hopes it might generate a little traffic to share my information with. (I have had about 250 clicks in 2 years!). That said, I knew it wouldn’t be easy to start a new monitizing blog but was confident that I could do it. The learning curve has been hard, as expected, but still much harder that I really was expecting–especially since I am not techy-savvy! ia hope to launch my site and go “live” the first of July but still so much to learn and put in place! (Traffic, marketing, how to set up contact info, etc., etc.!

    • Good luck with your site, it’s definitely not easy and don’t think bloggers pretending it is easy is helpful at all! There’s a lot of work involved but hopefully you’ll master it!

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