6 ways to make money from your blog

6 ways to make money from your blog

Do you dream of giving up your day job and making a living from blogging? Most bloggers do and it’s certainly possible but it’s not easy – if it was everyone would do it!

To make a living from blogging you need to put in the same amount of hours (or more!) initially as you would in a full-time job.

Before you start making money from your blog you’ll need to make sure that your blog is set up correctly and you are using a reliable hosting company such as Siteground. Produce lots of well-written content, promote your blog posts in the right places and optimise your site for SEO.

Once you’re confident that your blog is ready and you have a decent amount of regular traffic then you need to start researching the best ways to monetise your blog. Not all of these money making ideas will be relevant to your site, it depends on your niche and your audience.

Here are 6 ways to make money from your blog…


How to earn money from your blog…

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Display Advertising

A popular way to earn money from your blog is to display adverts on your blog. You include some code in your side-bar, in the header or footer, or within your blog post and advertisers will pay when the ads get clicked on.

There are various advertisers who will pay you to display adverts on their blog, some of these will require you to receive a certain level of traffic each month.

An easy one to get started with is Google Adsense. You can style your ads, choose from various sizes and generate the code that you can copy and paste onto your blog. Google will choose the most relevant ads to display to your blog readers. A Google ad can look like this:



Affiliate Marketing

If you’re not aware of affiliate marketing this is when an online retailer pays commission to a website for sales generated through traffic from its referrals.

For example, if you click on an affiliate link on someone’s blog and end up buying a product from the website, the blogger would receive a commission on the sale.

There are thousands of affiliate marketing networks and its best to research which ones offer the best commissions and are relevant to your blog.

Our favourite is ShareASale as it has hundreds of retailers in one place and you can apply for the ones you are interested in.

Most affiliate networks will require you to hit a certain amount of sales before you receive a payout so make sure you check this is a realistic threshold before you sign up.

If you aren’t sure where to start with affiliate marketing, we recommend this free email course which will guide you through to making your first affiliate sale.

Free affiliate marketing course to make your first sale

Sponsored blog posts

Once you start blogging you will no doubt start to receive emails from PR companies asking you to produce or host content for them, these are called sponsored posts. Never do this for free!

You wouldn’t work extra hours in your job for free, so don’t spend time putting together content for a company for free either.

What you charge depends on your blog, take into consideration your Domain Authority, traffic and followers/subscribers when setting your fees.

Some PR companies will ask you to write content and include links to their client and some will provide pre-written content that they just want you to host. You may also be asked to review a product in return for a fee. Set your fees for different types of sponsored blog posts and don’t be bullied into lowering your fees.

Always make sure the content is unique to your blog and ask to read it before confirming that you will publish it. This allows you to make sure it is well written and any links go to reputable websites. Remember that it is against Google’s guidelines to include follow links that you have been paid for. Read our post on follow and no-follow links for more information.


Sponsored social media posts

You may also be offered money in return for posting to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The fees you charge will depend on the number of followers you have on the channels the company want you to post to.

Only choose sponsored content that is relevant to your blog and audience.

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Sell an ebook

If you’re an expert in a particular subject and think you can help others with your knowledge, you can create an ebook that you can sell on your blog. Again, make sure the ebook is relevant to your blog so that it’s something your readers will be interested in.


Sell an online course

If your ebook does well, why not create a course on the subject that is more in-depth? You will need to record a series of videos or host webinars, so you’ll need to be confident in front of the camera.

Usually, you will offer the ebook at a cheaper price than the course. You’ll make more sales with the ebook and then hopefully those who have found it useful will sign up to your course to learn more.



You can find lots more great advice on starting a money-making blog in this fantastic FREE course.

Start a money making blog free course

Which of these ideas will you use to monetise your site? Do you have any other ways to make money from your blog?

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  • Great information here! We are just starting to get enough traffic to monetize our blog (~30k views/month) and it has been a bit daunting trying to find a monetization method that works best for our content and audience. We talk a lot about minimalism so we have been hesitant to use any advertising. We have been working hard on an ebook and are hoping to get a return someday for all the hours and hours of initial “free” work! Happy blogging! ~Riley & Cece

  • Thank you for the info and tips! Defiantly need get going on sponsored posts and advertising! It’s so hard but I know it’s worth it. Thank you for sharing!

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