6 daily tasks to grow your blog

6 daily tasks to grow your blog

In an ideal world, you’d be a professional blogger with lots of time on your hands to work on your blog and make it successful. Sound good?

Unfortunately, not many of us are that lucky and often we’re very limited with the amount of time we can spend working on our blogs between work, family, and general life.

If you don’t have as many hours as you’d like to dedicate to your blog, we’ve put together a list of 6 daily tasks that will help to grow your blog and don’t take too much time…


#1 Comment on other blogs

Spending time reading and commenting on other blogs is a great way to help grow your own blog.

Reading other blogger’s posts can give you lots of tips and inspiration for your own content, as well as the possibility of learning something new.

If you find a post that you enjoy, leave a comment to let the blogger know. It’s a nice way to support other bloggers and will also help to improve your own blog’s Domain Authority and SEO.


Find out more in our post 7 SEO tips for bloggers.


#2 Post in Facebook groups

Joining Facebook groups is a great way to grow your blog and get your content in front of a new audience.

There are lots of groups dedicated to blogging, as well as plenty for specific niches such as parenting, travel or beauty.

Each Facebook group will work a bit differently and they will make you aware of the rules when you join. Some groups will let you post any links to your blog posts directly to the group, others will do daily threads where you can link to your latest blog or a social media post and share a number of others in return.

Spend some time each day sharing your content with a few groups and reciprocating. Then check your stats to watch the pageviews come in.


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#3 Share an old post on social media

Old blog posts need love too!

Schedule a couple of old blog posts to social media each week to keep people reading them. Maybe there’s something seasonal that you wrote last year that’s still relevant. Or an evergreen post that you haven’t shared in a while.

Don’t worry about sharing content again, you are bound to have new followers that haven’t seen it before.



Check out our post How to refresh old blog posts to get more views for more ways to update your early content.


#4 Schedule pins in Tailwind

Spending a few minutes each day adding pins to your Tailwind schedule will save you lots of time in the long run as well as help to bring extra traffic to your blog.

Schedule your latest posts, older posts you haven’t shared in a while, and also plenty of pins from other bloggers.

If you don’t use Tailwind yet you can get a free trial here, we guarantee you won’t regret it!


Find out more on how to get started on Pinterest in Part 1 of our Pinterest Guide,


#5 Reply to any blog and social media comments

If you’re anything like us, you’ll get notifications throughout the day whenever someone leaves a comment on your blog or social media posts. It’s not always convenient to reply if you’re at work or out and about but it’s important not to forget about them.

Spend some time each day replying to your comments. It’s polite to thank people for taking their time to read your posts and leave a comment, as well as encouraging them to do it more often!


#6 Finish a draft post

Come on be honest, how many draft blog posts have you got saved? If you have lots of half-written posts, you could get one finished today.

Open up your draft post, have a read and you might be inspired all over again to get it completed. Imagine if in less than an hour you could have another post written and scheduled for later in the week!


We hope these daily blogging tasks will help you to grow your blog, even if you don’t have a lot of time each day to spend on it.

Do you have any other blogging tasks that you do each day? If so, let us know in the comments below!



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