5 ways to overcome writer’s block

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Most bloggers will face writer’s block at some point, possibly fairly regularly. There can be many reasons why you can’t think of anything to write – tiredness, stress, boredom, anxiety to name a few.

It can be worrying, especially if you rely on your blog for an income, but don’t panic, there are lots of techniques to cure writer’s block and give you some inspiration to start writing amazing blog posts again.

If you are sat staring at a blank page at the moment, read on for 5 ways to overcome writer’s block…


#1 Brainstorm

Write down anything that comes to mind. Whether it’s titles, topics, phrases or just words, jot everything down as you think of it.

It’s up to you whether you keep a notepad or a list on your phone, choose whichever you find easiest to manage.

You might want to try ‘free writing’ – this is where you write down whatever comes into your head. It can be totally random, you don’t need to worry about punctuation, and you can change subjects or writing styles as you go along. Do this for around 15 minutes before going back to your blog posts and giving it another go.

If you can come up with a list of possible blog posts, even if it’s just some rough titles, you might give yourself enough inspiration to start writing again.


#2 Take a break

A change of scenery and the chance to clear your head can sometimes be all you need for a bit of inspiration to hit. Step away from the computer and go on a walk, grab a coffee, visit the gym, listen to music, whatever you need to do to refresh your brain.

Sometimes you might only need a 10-minute break before you can sit back down in front of your laptop and be hit with lots of new ideas. Other times you might need a break for 24 hours or longer to relax and ease the stress of writer’s block.


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#3 Do something else

If you’re taking a longer break from writing, why not use the time wisely by doing some blog admin. Create a blogging schedule, update some old posts, take some photos, or get promoting your content on social media.

If you need to step away from your blog completely, it’s a good idea to stick to something creative such as painting, drawing, or any other craft project. Keeping your creative brain going will help a lot when you decide to get back into writing again.


#4 Read other blogs

Other blogs are a fantastic resource for getting inspiration for your own blog. We’re of course not suggesting that you copy other bloggers posts, but reading through posts from within your own niche may give you ideas for topics for your own next post.

If you’re not sure where to start, type some topics into Pinterest and have a read of some of the blog posts that come up in the results. You may even discover some new bloggers to follow.


#5 Look at your best posts

A great place to find inspiration is on your own blog. You can use Google Analytics to find out which are your most popular blog posts – go to Behaviour > Site Content > All Pages and enter your chosen dates.

This information will help you to understand what topics you should write more about – you might be able to expand on some of these ideas or even write a follow-up post.



We hope these tips have given you some ideas to cure your case of writer’s block, and will help inspire you to write lots more great blog posts!

What do you usually do if you can’t think of what to blog about? If you have any tips for other bloggers who might be struggling over what to write about next, please leave your hacks in the comments below.


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Are you sat staring at a blankk screen struggling to think of what to blog about next? Click through to find out 5 techniques to help you get past a case of writer's block | Blogging tips | Writer's block tips | Blogging inspiration


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  • These are fabulous ways to overcome writers block and tap into your inspiration! I keep a small notebook with me in the car, and often a little one in my purse. Sometimes ideas just pop up throughout the day!

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