5 ways to find trending topics to blog about

How to find trending topics to blog about

As bloggers, we all know that we need to provide content that readers are searching for online.

If you write good evergreen content and do your keyword research, you will hopefully always get a steady stream of visits to your blog posts.

But how do you jump on board those topics that are suddenly popular? How do bloggers know what to write about before everyone else?

As well as driving traffic to your blog, writing about the latest news and trends helps you to establish yourself as someone who has their finger on the pulse. Your audience will turn to you when they have a burning question because they’ll know you’ll be able to provide the answers.

If you want to know how to find trending topics within your niche to write about and drive traffic to your blog, here are 5 ways to do it…


1. Pinterest

We’ll start with Pinterest as you’re probably already familiar with using this platform. If you use Pinterest to search for content within your own niche then it’s a great place to find relevant trending topics.

Simply log in, click in the search bar, and you’ll see some suggestions of topics.

Here’s an example when logged in on one of our parenting blogs…

We haven’t searched for these topics but they do relate to things we’ve searched for and our own pins, so this is a great place to see what other parents are currently looking for. A quick blog post on any of these ideas should make popular pins.


2. Feedly

Feedly is a great way to get content from all your favourite sites in one place. As long as the website has an RSS feed you can add the content to your Feedly account.

You can search for sites by niche, topic or keywords, or simply browse through the suggestions based on the kind of content you have already added. Feedly will come up with results and you choose the ones you want to see in future.




Check Feedly each day and you’ll see the latest news and blog posts within your chosen niche.

Feedly is free to use and can be accessed via the app or any browser.

3. Pocket

Another great tool for finding trending content is Pocket.

You can save blog posts, news articles and videos for later and read or watch when you’re ready. Pocket collates all the data from the content its users are saving and tells you what are currently the most popular topics.



You can also view the most popular content within certain categories which makes it easy to find out what people interested in your niche are reading.


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4. Google Trends

Knowing what people are searching for on Google is incredibly useful knowledge to have and the good news is that this is available to everyone.

Google Trends tells you what’s currently trending and the search volume for each topic.

Google Trends

You can change your region if you have readers elsewhere in the world, and can also search for particular topics if you want to see the search volumes.


5. Twitter

You must have seen the trending topics on Twitter before, but have you thought about using them as a basis for your content?

Sometimes the topics change too fast for blog posts, but they are a great way to tweet about subjects that are very likely to get a lot of engagement from your followers.

Twitter trending

You can change region if you want to see very local results or even what’s trending Worldwide.


How many of these tools to find trending content did you already know about and use? If you aren’t using them already, give them a go and see if they help to inspire you!

If you have any other suggestions of tools, apps or websites feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

If you want to write about the hottest topics and latest news, here's how to easily find out what's trending right now... | wakeupandblog.co.uk | trending topics | most searched for | most read | blogging ideas | blog post ideas | blogging tools
If you want to drive traffic to you blog, you need to write the content people are searching for. Here's how to find out what's popular and trending in your niche... | wakeupandblog.co.uk | trending topics | most searched for | most read | blogging ideas | blog post ideas | blogging tools
Have you ever wondered how some bloggers know the most popular topics to write about? Here are 5 tools you can use to find out what's being searched for online... | wakeupandblog.co.uk | trending topics | most searched for | most read | blogging ideas | blog post ideas | blogging tools

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