5 reasons you need to take a blogging break – and how to do it

5 reasons you need to take a blogging break - and how to do it...

One of the hardest parts of blogging can be finding the time to churn out consistent content that people actually want to read. Any blogger will tell you how exhausting it is to blog, especially if you have to fit it in around work, university, a family etc.

Blogging should be fun, but if it’s starting to feel like more of a chore maybe you just need a blogging break.

Whatever the reason, everyone deserves a break and it’s perfectly ok to take time off from blogging. After all, every job offers holiday allowance whether you work full-time or part-time so there’s no reason you have to blog 52 weeks a year.

The length of your break is up to you, don’t feel ashamed or guilty to take as much time as you need.

If you’re worried about not blogging for a week or 2 and are already stressing about neglecting your blog, here are 5 reasons you need to take a blogging break – and how to do it…


5 reasons you need to take a blogging break – and how to do it


#1 Relax and unwind

Everybody needs some time off to relax and unwind, whether that’s time off from work, chores or blogging. Without a break and some much needed ‘me time,’ you will simply burn out and cause yourself a lot of unnecessary stress.

If you have too much going on in your head, and are getting a bit addicted to the stats, you’re not going to be producing your best work.


#2 Work out what’s important

If you’re stressing yourself out by trying to find the time to fit writing into your busy life, then taking a step back can help you to refocus and see the bigger picture.

Is it more important to blog or complete your coursework? Should you really be cancelling on nights out with friends because you have blog posts to write?

Whilst you may want to create a business for yourself, or make some extra money from blogging, it might not be the most important task in the grand scheme of things. Is blogging really what you want to do?

If it is, then great! Maybe you just need to organise your blog and work out a plan to create more time in your life to get everything done.


#3 Get inspiration

Have you been struggling to think of amazing ideas for blog posts? Do you feel as though you have exhausted all of the best topics?

Taking some much needed time off may just help you to get inspiration for new posts. Visit some new places, read a book, binge-watch that Netflix series everyone has been talking about. All of these things can give you new ideas.

Keep a notebook with you and jot down any ideas as they pop into your head. By the time you get back to blogging you might have a nice long list of subjects to write about.



#4 Spend time with people you love

If you’re cancelling on friends and family so that you can fit in your work, you definitely need to take some time off! Organise some days and evenings out, have lots of fun plans to spend time with your loved ones.

This will help you to relax, enjoy yourself, and maybe even give you some inspiration as mentioned above.


#5 Reinvent yourself

Are you bored with your blog? If you’ve been blogging for a while you might feel like your blog needs a new design or maybe you need to rethink your niche.

A break is the perfect time to have a think about what direction you want to take your blog in. What do you want to write about? What do you want your blog to look like? Do you need a change of name?


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If you need a break but are still worried about neglecting your blog, there are some things you can do to make it easier…


Plan ahead – If you know in advance that you’re going to be taking a blogging break, write and schedule some posts for when you’re away so that your blog isn’t completely empty. Round-up posts are a good idea if you need to write up some quick posts.

Schedule your social media – Do the same with your social media. Use a scheduler such as Hootsuite for Twitter and Facebook and Tailwind for Pinterest and Instagram to fill your feeds with content. This will help keep your social media pages active and also drive traffic to your blog while you’re away.

Use guest bloggers – If your break is a bit short notice and you don’t have time to write lots of posts, do you know any bloggers who would provide some guest blogs for you?

Turn on your out of office – It’s a good idea to turn on your out of office replies on your emails if you have one linked to your blog. You don’t want potential collaborations to think you’re not interested.

Let your readers know you’re going away – When you can’t schedule posts in advance it can be a good idea to write a quick post to let your audience know you’ll be MIA for a bit. That way, they won’t lose interest when they notice there haven’t been any new posts for a week or 2.

Let your readers know when you’re back – If your blogging break was a bit unexpected, write a post when you get back to let your reader know what you’ve been up to. This is a great post-break article to let everyone know where you’ve been and ease you back into blogging.


What do you think? Do you need to take a bit of a break from blogging?



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