5 easy ways to get more comments on your blog

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Does it sometimes feel as though you are spending your time writing blog posts that no one is engaging with?

You know people are reading your posts because you can see it in your Google Analytics stats and they are getting shared on social media, but what you’d really like is more comments to let you know that people are enjoying your posts.

Getting comments on your blog can also help to improve your SEO as these also feature in Google searches.

So if you are wondering how to encourage comments on your blog, here are 5 tips to help you out…

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How to get more engagement on your blog posts


Ask for comments

An easy way to get more blog comments is simply to ask. Every blog post should end with a call-to-action asking your readers to take the next step.

Try asking your readers to leave a comment with their thoughts on what you have written or ask them a question on a related subject.


Write engaging blog posts

Make your writing conversational, less formal and ask questions to your readers as you go and they will be more likely to want to leave a comment at the end. Writing a good blog post is the best way to boost user engagement on your blog.

Controversial blog posts will usually generate more comments as people will want to either let you know that they agree or disagree with your points.


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Make it easy to leave a comment

You’ve probably experienced it yourself – you’ve tried to leave a comment on a blog post you’ve enjoyed but have been asked to log in or answer a Captcha that isn’t very user-friendly and so have just given up.

Make sure that whatever system you use for your comments section is easy for your readers to use. The quicker and more simple it is for them to leave a comment, the more likely they are to do so.


Join Facebook groups for bloggers

Whilst this method doesn’t generate natural comments, it is a good way to get some genuine comments from the blogging community that will still help with SEO. More comments on a blog post also encourage other readers to do the same.

There are lots of groups on Facebook aimed at helping bloggers to get more engagement on their posts. These usually involve you leaving a link to one of your posts, commenting on other blog posts and getting comments back in return. It involves some work on your part and can get quite time-consuming but definitely worth a try if you have the time.


Reply to your comments

Always try to reply to your blog comments, this is a good way to thank people for taking the time to engage with your blog posts and will encourage them to do it again in future. It may also encourage new readers to leave a comment.

If you blog via WordPress and don’t already the app on your phone then it is worth downloading it now for an easy way to keep up with comments on the go.



Do you do any of these suggestions at the moment? If not, give them a go and let us know if it brings you any more comments to your blog posts.

If you have any other suggestions for generating more blog posts feel free to leave them below for other bloggers.


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4 Replies to “5 easy ways to get more comments on your blog”

  • In Poland it’s really hard to engage people to leave a comment on blog page. I have a hundreds of comments on my Faceboook profile (I share there my blogs content) and only few on my website. My readers prefere to comment on FB, even if they read an article on my blog. Can’t fight with it anymore.

  • One of our favourite things to do it read and comment on blogs. I love reading what people have to say and yes it certainly helps as people do return the love. However I think should leave genuine comments because they actually enjoyed the post or the themes raised. Other wise its a futile exercise – just to get numbers.

    All of the 5 tips were helpful. We do not have a facebook page – we are still toying with the idea. Thank you for the post. x

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