5 affiliate marketing programs for bloggers

5 affiliate marketing programs for bloggers

If you have a blog, you would probably quite like to make some money from it – right?

There are lots of different ways to monetise your blog, a popular method many bloggers use is Affiliate Marketing. It’s easy to implement, doesn’t cost you anything to set up, and once it’s up and running it will make you money even when you’re offline.


What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when you promote products on your website and the retailer pays you commission from every sale you generate.

You will earn money for each sale made through one of your links and when your account hits the threshold set by the retailer you will receive a payout.

The commission rates and payout thresholds will vary from retailer to retailer.


How do I use affiliate marketing links?

There are many ways you can promote affiliate links including product reviews, sponsored posts, banner adverts, social media posts and email marketing to name just a few.



4 affiliate marketing tips for bloggers:

  1. Start off by promoting products that you’ve written about in previous blog posts and that you would happily recommend to your readers. You can then go back and add links to any posts where you have mentioned these products.
  2. Join one or two affiliate marketing programs to start with. Pick the ones with links to products most relevant to your blog. Once you have got the hang of it, you can join more programs.
  3. Be creative with your affiliate links, don’t just stuff them into blog posts and hope that people click on them. Write reviews of products you have bought yourself, share your opinions and anyof your own photos.
  4. Always make sure you disclose to your readers when you are including affiliate links – this is required by FTC regulations. Save a copy of your disclosure so that you can just cut and paste into each post.


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What affiliate marketing programs can I join?

If you haven’t started to make money from your blog yet, we’ve put together a list of 5 affiliate marketing programs for bloggers.

These aren’t necessarily the highest paying networks, but we think they’re the easiest to get started with and to incorporate into your blog posts and marketing.


Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, we may receive a small commission if you click through and make a purchase.


#1 ShareASale

ShareASale is our favourite affiliate network because there are so many different retailers all in one place – around 4,000!

Once you have an account with ShareASale you can apply to work with hundreds of merchants from clothing to books, social media platforms to website hosting.

Each time you make a sale the money is added to your ShareASale account. Different merchants will offer different levels of commission and you will be able to see this before you request to join their program. Each merchant also lists various links, banners and offers that you can utilise in your marketing.

Once you hit $50 commission you will receive a payout.

Sign up now: ShareASale


#2 Siteground

You may have seen many bloggers shouting about their favourite website hosting providers, that will be because they’re part of the affiliate program and will receive commission for every person who signs up.

We promote Siteground as an affiliate because we use their hosting ourselves and know what fantastic service they offer.

You can, of course, promote any host you like, whether you use them or not, but it’s always good to market a service or product that you have used yourself and recommend. That way you don’t feel like you’re cheating your readers!

Siteground will pay £30 for your first 1-5 monthly sales, £50 for 6-10monthly sales and £65 for over 11 monthly sales.

Sign up here: Siteground

Web Hosting


#3 Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is good because you can promote any product that is sold on Amazon, making it really easy to include their affiliate links in pretty much any post whatever your niche.

You can promote individual products as well as offers and there are lots of different widgets and banners to use on your blog.

The commission is anywhere from 1% – 12% of each sale, depending on the product category. Fees are paid on a monthly basis if you have earnt more than £25 and you can choose to receive payment to your bank account or as an Amazon gift voucher!

Sign up here: Amazon Associates

#4 Grammarly

Grammarly is a great tool all bloggers should install – with the free browser extension you get an app that checks your spelling an grammar for you. A godsend to make sure your blog posts are up to scratch and not littered with mistakes.

If you haven’t already got it installed you can sign up here to give it a try before you start promoting it.

Their affiliate program is also good, you get $0.20 for every person who signs up for a free account and $20 for everyone who purchases the Premium plan, You can also get a $25 activation bonus for writing a blog post about Grammarly and including a banner advert.

Sign up here: Grammarly

Join Grammarly's Affiliate Program


#5 Tailwind

There are two different options for Tailwind and you can use them both if you want.

You can sign up to Tailwind’s affiliate program through ShareASale and you’ll earn $0.50 for every person who signs up.

Or, if you have a Tailwind account, you can use the referral link they’ll give you and earn $15 off Tailwind for everyone who signs up. In addition, you’ll also get a $25 Amazon giftcard for the first 5 people you refer.

Whilst this isn’t money straight to your bank account, it does mean that if you do well you can end up getting your own Tailwind account for nothing!

Get a free Tailwind account here and start referring people to earn credit.

Or sign up to Tailwind via the ShareASale affiliate program.


Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite


So there you have the 5 affiliate marketing programs that we recommend to new bloggers. If you’ve been wondering how to make money from blogging, hopefully, these suggestions have given you some ideas to get started.

Which ones will you sign up for?


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Ana makes 60% of her income through affiliate sales so she definitely knows what she’s talking about!

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Good luck – we hope you start making money from your blog soon!


What is affiliate marketing?
Affiliate marketing programs for bloggers

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