30 blogging niches to choose from


30 blogging niches to choose from


If you’re planning on starting a blog, you might be trying to decide what you’re going to write about. This is called your niche and there are so many different topics to blog about.

Deciding on your niche before you begin blogging will help you further down the line. It will help you to pick your blog name and theme, find your target audience and know what to write about.


How to choose a niche for your blog

You should always pick a subject that you’re passionate about, something that makes you happy. If you choose a topic that interests you, writing about it will come naturally.

It may be that you have a particular skill that you want to share with the world or a hobby that you want to tell people about.

When choosing your blogging niche, ask yourself:

  1. What do I love?
  2. What makes me happy?
  3. What am I good at?
  4. How can I help people?

Why you should always choose a niche

If you’re too general with your topics, your readers will become confused and you’ll find it harder to find an audience to promote your content to. The more focus your blog has, the more scope you have for a loyal reader base.

Unique blog ideas will always get your more traffic than a popular, mainstream subject.

Having a niche will also help with monetisation if that’s something you want to pursue. Companies need to know what your blog is about before they’ll decide whether they want to work with you. If you decide to use your blog to sell a product you first need to know who is visiting your site.



If you still need a bit of inspiration and are wondering what to blog about, here is a list of 30 niches you could start a blog in…


30 blogging niches to choose from

  1. Travel
  2. Fashion
  3. Beauty
  4. Fitness
  5. Sports
  6. Food
  7. Parenting
  8. Pregnancy
  9. Interior Design
  10. Gardening
  11. Relationships
  12. Music
  13. Events
  14. Technology
  15. Social Media
  16. DIY
  17. Crafts
  18. Money/Finance
  19. Business
  20. Coaching
  21. Weddings
  22. Photography
  23. Education
  24. Property
  25. Blogging
  26. Web design
  27. Gaming
  28. Celebrities
  29. Computing
  30. Lifestyle

Once you’ve picked out your niche you may want to narrow it down even further. For example travel on a budget, make-up for certain skin types, parenting of twins, and so on.


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What blogging niche will you pick? Is there something on this list that you are passionate about? What do you want to write about?

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