10 things to do before you hit publish


10 things to do before you hit publish


You’ve finally finished writing that amazing blog post you’ve been working on for ages and are so excited to share it with the world.

But STOP! Before you hit publish, there are some things you need to check first.

Create yourself a blogging checklist, writing down all the things you need to do every time you publish a blog post. This will ensure you don’t forget where to promote your blog or important SEO information.

Read on for items to add to your checklist…


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#1 Check your spelling

Always check your spelling and grammar before you hit publish. No one wants other people pointing out mistakes once a post has been shared with the world.

Most blogging platforms have inbuilt spell checkers. A really useful tool for bloggers is Grammarly, it has a toolbar that can be installed into your browser for free and automatically highlights any spelling and grammar errors as you type.


#2 SEO your post

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of increasing traffic to your website from search engines. This is done a number of ways, but the most popular for bloggers is setting relevant keywords and including these in the following places when putting together your blog post:

  • title
  • URL or permalink
  • meta description or post snippet
  • subheadings (H2 tags)
  • within the content of your post
  • image alt-tags
Check out our post 7 easy SEO tips for bloggers for more information on how to make your blog SEO friendly.


#3 Set categories and tags

Have you allocated your post to a category? Have you set some relevant tags? Doing these things will allow your readers to find similar posts on the topics that interest them. Tags also help search engines to index your post.


#4 Check the URL of your post

You want to make sure that the keywords in the URL or permalink match the title of your post. Some blogging platforms set a default URL and you should change this to include your chosen keywords.


#5 Add alt-tags to your images

The alt-tag describes what the images on your site are about. These are read by search engines as well as your blog readers when they hover over the image or if an image takes a while to load. Make them as descriptive and relevant as possible.


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#6 Link to other posts

If you’ve written posts on similar subjects make sure you link to these within your text. Internal linking is a great way to encourage your readers to stay on your blog and keep reading.


#7 Include a call-to-action

A call-to-action (CTA) should be included at the bottom of every post to encourage your users to take further action. You might want them to leave a comment, sign up for your newsletter or visit another post on the same topic.



#8 Set your meta-description

Meta descriptions don’t help your content get any higher up on the search results, but writing a good meta description will tell searchers what your post is about and help them decide whether to click through to your site or not.


#9 Include social sharing options

Are you giving your readers options to share your blog post? Enabling social sharing will let people who have enjoyed reading your post the chance to share it via the click of a button.


Check out our post on how to get more social media shares of your content for more tips.


#10 Include a pinnable image

If you want your post to be shared on Pinterest then you need to make sure you’ve included a vertical image. You can either just include a photo in the right dimensions, or you can create an image with overlaid text in Canva.


Now you’re ready to hit publish! Do you already do all these things before you publish your posts?


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