10 things to do after you hit publish


10 things to do after you hit publish


You’ve written your post and hit publish so now you’re done, right? You can sit back and watch that traffic roll in.

Wrong! Once you’ve written a great blog post there are still so many things you need to do to get people to come and read your post. Many bloggers will tell you that they spend longer promoting their posts than they do writing them.

If you’re not sure what to do once you’ve finished writing a post, we’ve put together a list of 10 things successful bloggers do after they hit publish…


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#1 Share to social media

If you don’t share your post on social media, how are people going to know it even exists? Share to all of your social media accounts with a catchy post and eye-catching image.

Don’t just share it once either, schedule more posts for the future especially on Twitter where content disappears so quickly. Just make sure you mix up the wording of your posts so you don’t spam your followers.


For more Twitter tips, read our post 6 things all bloggers should do on Twitter


#2 Share with your friends

As well as sharing on your blog social media pages, don’t forget to share your posts on your personal social media profiles so that your friends and family can have a read.


#3 Do a Facebook Live or Instagram Story

If you don’t mind being on video, then Facebook Live and Instastories are your best way right now to get yourself out there. Talk about your new post, how it will help your audience and how they can find it. When doing an Instagram Story make sure you have changed the link in your bio to your latest post.


#4 Share to groups

Whether its Facebook groups, Pinterest group boards or Tailwind Tribes, sharing your content with your target audience as well as other bloggers is a fantastic way to get more exposure and traffic to your blog. Engage with other group members rather than link dumping and you’ll reap the benefits.

If you don’t currently use Pinterest or Tailwind, why not give it a go with a free trial of Tailwind. It’s so easy to schedule pins that you can pretty much sit back and watch the traffic come rolling in.


#5 Pin it to your social media feeds

Once you’ve shared your latest post on Facebook and Twitter you can pin it to the top of your feed. This will allow anyone clicking on your profile or page to easily see your newest content.


#6 Email it to your subscribers

If you have a subscribe option on your blog, set it up so that all new posts are automatically emailed to your subscribers. Alternatively, you can put together a more personalised update each week via an email marketing platform such as MailChimp telling your readers about your latest posts.


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#7 Reply to comments

If you’re receiving comments on a blog post, don’t forget to engage with the people who have taken the time to read and comment. Thank them for commenting and ask questions where applicable.


#8 Comment on other blogs

Find other bloggers in your niche, have a read of their posts and leave some meaningful comments i.e. not just “great post”. This will get your blog name out there and increase traffic back to your blog.

You can usually add a link with your comment and this will help with external link building which is one factor that improves SEO.


#9 Make it easy to share

We included this in our list of things to do before you hit publish, but it’s an important one so we’re including it in this list too!

Make sure you have sharing buttons so that if your readers love your content they can easily share with their friends. The best way to do this is to install a social sharing plugin.


You can find more tips on getting social shares of your blog posts here.


#10 Check your stats

Whether it’s stats within WordPress or Google Analytics, you should always check where your traffic for each blog post is coming from. If most of your traffic is coming from Pinterest for example then you know to focus on that platform more in future.


Has this post given you some new jobs to do after you’ve finished writing your blog posts? Are there any must-have things you do after hitting publish?


The job doesn't finish once you've published your blog post, there's still so much to do! Check out this list of 10 things to do after you hit publish #blogger #blogging

If you want to be a successful blogger check out this list of things do to after you hit publish on your latest blog post.... #blogging #blogger #writing

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