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Let’s be honest, we all want loads of traffic to our blogs. Afterall, what’s the point in blogging if no one comes to read it?

It can be easy to obsess over your stats though, especially when you’re a new blogger. Try to just write for your personal enjoyment, and only check your stats a few times a week rather than throughout the day.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to dramatically increase your blog traffic overnight. You might have to try lots of different strategies before you find one that works for you.

If more pageviews are your focus right now, try these simple ways to increase your blog traffic…


#1 Set goals

Ok so setting goals won’t increase traffic on their own but they will help you focus on what you want to achieve.

Work out a realistic number of pageviews you want to hit and when you aim to do it by.

Write down some ways you plan to do this and keep working on these regularly. You won’t get more traffic to your blog without putting the work in.


#2 Write great blog titles

Titles are important as it’s often the first thing your potential readers will see. A boring blog title on a social media post or in the search engine results will just get ignored.

Including “How” and “Why” in headlines always proves popular as your readers know you will be answering their burning questions within the content.

Lists and posts with numbers in the title also do well. Think about your titles before you hit publish.


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#3 Create quality content

If you write high-quality content that helps your blog visitors, they will keep coming back. Returning visitors are as important as new visitors, maybe even more so.

Think about what your readers want – what questions do they need answering?

Try to create as much evergreen content as possible, this type of content is always relevant to someone and will always be searched for online.

Read our post how to write a blog post people want to read for more tips.


#4 Share, share share

You need to let people know your content exists so don’t be afraid of a little self-promotion.

Share your posts across your social media channels when it first goes live and keep on sharing for as long as the content is relevant.

Don’t worry about sharing the same content multiple times, the more you share it the more people will see it.

Make it easy for your readers to share the content with their followers.

Our post 8 ways to get more social media shares of your blog posts has more easy tips to implement.


#5 Make your blog SEO friendly

Optimising your blog for SEO helps your content to appear higher up the search engine results. SEO is a long-term solution and once done will continue to bring traffic to your blog.

There are lots of ways to improve your SEO, from keywords to site speed to using ALT tags on your images.

We’ve covered this subject in a lot more depth in this post about easy SEO tips.



#6 Email your subscribers

If people have come to your blog and chosen to subscribe then there’s a good chance they want to be kept up-to-date with your content.

You can install a plugin that emails all of your subscribers every time a new blog post is published, or you can manually send your own email each time.

If you don’t currently have an option to allow people to subscribe to your bog, go and install a plugin for this now!


#7 Make sure your blog is mobile friendly

Nearly 60% of internet searches are done on mobile, so it’s vital that your blog is mobile friendly.

How many times have you left a website instantly because it looked awful on a small screen? A site that is easy to read on a mobile device, whether that’s a smartphone or tablet, will encourage users to come back in future.

When looking for themes for your blog, always check that they are mobile-friendly before spending time customising for your blog.

A blog built for mobile will also do better in search results as Google favours mobile-friendly websites. If you’re not sure whether your blog is mobile friendly or not, you can check using this free Google mobile-friendly test.


For tips on making your site more mobile-friendly, check our post 5 tips to speed up your blog for Google’s new mobile-speed update.


#8 Guest post

Having guest posts featured on other websites can give your traffic a huge boost. Reach out to high-quality websites within your niche and ask if they’d be interested in publishing a guest post from you.

Some websites will pay for guest content, but a link back to your blog from a high-authority website is valuable enough to write for free.

This will help with both your SEO and Domain Authority which in turn will bring you more visitors to your site.


#9 Write regular content

It’s not rocket science – the more blog posts you publish, the more visitors your blog will receive. More blog posts, more social media shares and more emails to your subscribers will result in more pageviews.

However, quality is more important than quantity, so just make sure that if you are writing several posts per week that they are good posts, full of useful content. Short posts that don’t help anyone can do your blog more harm than good.

Set yourself a blogging schedule and try to stick to it. Start small, maybe just 1 post per week, and gradually increase this to more posts as you getting into your blogging routine.


#10 Use Google Analytics

We know we started this post by saying don’t obsess over your blog stats, but Google Analytics holds a wealth of information about your blog readers.

Check which blog posts are the most popular and write more on these subjects.

You can find out where your blog traffic is currently coming from, so you know where to focus your time when sharing your posts.

You can also see what keywords people are using to find your content, if the same keywords keep cropping up maybe you need to include these in more posts.



Have these suggestions given you some work to do on your blog? Let us know if they help to increase your blog traffic once you’ve implemented them.


Are you looking for ways to get more people to visit your blog? If so, click here for a list of 10 simple ways to increase traffic to your blog... | #bloggingtips #improveyourblog #bloggers #seo #blogging
Are you looking for ways to get more people to visit your blog? If so, click here for a list of 10 simple ways to increase traffic to your blog... | #bloggingtips #improveyourblog #bloggers #seo #blogging
Are you looking for ways to get more people to visit your blog? If so, click here for a list of 10 simple ways to increase traffic to your blog... | #bloggingtips #improveyourblog #bloggers #seo #blogging

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    This is an awesome post. I agree that guest posting is important for driving high-quality traffic to a blog. You win both traffic from the blog you guest post on, and you win more SEO authority from Google. This means that your blog will get more organic visitors thanks to those backlinks. It is really important to work on guest posting as a way to increase website traffic.

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